Why do loyal people become hypocrites

Simulated loyalty in marriage and partnership Double life of the cold-hearted hypocrite


1 Pretended fidelity in marriage and partnership Double life of the cold-hearted hypocrites Christ in the I Am warns in this message the good-natured, God-bound people against getting involved in unequal partnerships and explains to them the reasons for this. * * * Greetings from God, you people with open hearts for the heavenly dual life! If you carefully read the messages of my love spirit, given about heralds of the present time, and have already matured spiritually, then perhaps some of you will now and then look back into your earlier consciousness in younger years for comparison and make a positive statement. At that time, several years ago, he did not have much knowledge and only a few life experiences, so it was not yet possible for him to gain religious knowledge, which may have come from a non-free religious community to which he has belonged since his birth through his religiously oriented parents had to look more farsighted. Due to his little religious knowledge, which he acquired in religious instruction from teachers and religious books and was only tailored to the religious opinion of a religious community, he could not have suspected at that time that he was religiously and spiritually involved in the world-related hypocrites of the past and present Was misled. Truly, they used to do and still do beautiful words about my arduous Jesus life. Sweetly wrapped, they offer the inner people a twisted divine love message so that, blinded by it, they do not discover their haughty way of life and their many untrue statements. They live disguised and show tons of emotional stress and their proud way of life cannot be beaten. Now through many incarnations they have become masters of deception. Verily, many of the proud religious leaders are now experts in twisting words believed by the disciples and therefore they fall with them into their self-made pit. Since they are aligned on their wavelength, they will be there with them for a long time. The benevolent Primordial Father in the I Am warned the disciples earlier in my earthly life against this deception, which leads believing people into dependence and bondage, through the Inner Word. But this knowledge has been suppressed by them up to the present day and therefore live 1

2 They are externally bound to different religions and spiritual groups for which they are a paying member. So life was never intended for the disciples who followed me then and also now! Due to a lack of spiritual knowledge and being misled, today's disciples fall victim to unequal partners who pretend to be good husbands and wives because they are always nice and friendly towards their partners and fulfill their material wishes. Verily, they fall for the hypocritical partners only because they come from the fall. With the help of allied souls of the same kind who accompany them constantly, the hypocritical person is able to deceive and deceive gullible, good-natured people in a clever way. The soul always takes this deceptive disposition with it unchanged to rebirth and from youth onwards these negative memories are active in human consciousness. The hypocritical storages help the case beings to give the impression of being loyal and efficient, despite great mistakes in the partnership. They can cleverly hide their dishonest behavior towards the good-natured partner because they have become masters of pretense. They intuitively feel that they always feel physically comfortable around their good-natured and more energetic partner and therefore do not want to lose him, even though they are unfaithful to him. They do not want to give up such an energetic person, whose soul went to earth because of the participation in God's plan of salvation, because they suspect that a separation would be bad for their life energy and their state of health. Such hypocritical people can often be found in unequal discipleship partnerships who pretend to be good people, but inside they are cold-hearted and without God connection. For me, the universal spirit of love, my hands are tied with the immature and gullible disciples because they do not independently discover that their partner is a hypocrite and leads a double life. He seeks and finds many acquaintances and friends of his thinking and orientation. He gives them what they want, but of course nothing comes from his heart. With a cold heart, he only seeks that which stills his physical satisfaction. These hypocritical people cleverly hide their double life from their partners, as they are used to this over many incarnations. The kind-hearted people who did not come from the case are too gullible and believe everything they tell their hypocritical partner. This is the point at which they get stuck over many incarnations, as the double life of their partner remains hidden from them in the hereafter as well. A hypocrite soul still fondly remembers its earthly double life in the hereafter. She can still call up the low-swinging, illegal recollections within herself. However, when the disciples have arrived in the hereafter, then they cannot look into the soul storages of their former hypocritical partner because there is no burdened soul and no pure heavenly being for the retrieval of his own 2

3 storages is accessible by another being. This is a benefit to the hypocrite who got it done, e.g. B. to maintain several extramarital relationships, unnoticed by the partner, constantly in order to satisfy his addiction for physical satisfaction alternately in a short period of time. Truly, only beings with a cold heart can do that, who are masters of pretense. The heavenly pure beings of light are protected from interference in their private life, i. That is, their storage of experiences in the dual area and others are their own affairs and do not allow any other being to see them. Only the I am deity has this possibility because the heavenly beings allow it through the legal regulation to instruct it in the higher maturity of consciousness and uniformly wish it that way. On the other hand, the humble beings in the kingdom of heaven would like the I Am deity to give them helping instructions when they are threatened with danger. Since they live timelessly in the light body, the I Am deity teaches them about the state of evolution so that they can change their lives more quickly to a higher vibrating consciousness through a useful hint. Otherwise, the I Am Deity does not give the heavenly beings any direct instructions for their private life unless they so wish. You feel through the sound and the defined color that it has left you a message in the inner self, the subconscious of the heavenly light being, and you then call it up. This statement extends my love spirit: Every divine being has its own vibration of consciousness and therefore has a different color than the others, which either come from the same sky of consciousness (galaxy) or from a different one. The colored aura radiation of a being results from the storage of the heavenly experiences, i. That is, the life path of the individual heavenly being from the first to the present cosmic moment shapes them in their colored radiation. Every being has a different shimmering aura color or different color spectra shine from their seven areas of consciousness. From the changed or deviating color evolution light structure of a heavenly being - which changes color for a few moments in one or more of the seven areas of consciousness (chakras or centers) through their thinking - other beings can roughly recognize in which cosmic direction of life it is thinking. Only through our self-observation and our own experiences with our inner life and through the valuable knowledge in constant encounters with other beings is it possible for us to make out the moving inner life of another being. But the inner storages of life are encrypted for other beings or cannot be accessed by them. This essential function is not a secret, but an inherited disposition of our beloved primordial creation parents, so that the independence and freedom of each being can be preserved in eternal life. 3

4 We are glad and happy that we can lead this way of life, because it allows us to respect every being equally without distinction. This measure brought us closer to heavenly justice, equality, and cordial unity, and also promoted fraternal unity. This is the real reason why we are protected from our siblings in our being, that is, eternally invisible and unfathomable. But in the low-vibrating fall, this is associated with considerable disadvantages for honest, God-connected people and their energetic souls (disciples), because it means that they cannot find out about insidious and dishonest people and souls as quickly or at all. That is why it is very difficult for them to see through the double life of a cold-hearted hypocrite in an unequal partnership. My love spirit now gives you a little insight into the human partnership life: If the person is in deep sleep, then the soul leaves its body. It does this so that it can escape the constriction of the human body for a short time. In this phase, she looks around her living room for her partner, who may be sleeping next to her person or in another room. From time to time she is interested in the vibration and radiation in which the soul of her earthly partner resides. She hopes to be able to draw conclusions from this when her partner's aura is in a very dark state due to the daily circumstances. The reason for this was opaque utterances and strange behavior on the part of the partner, so the soul suspects something ugly or bad. She senses that something is wrong with the partner. But she cannot tell whether he was loyal to her. She suspects from the strange behavior of her partner during the day, who is prone to adultery or infidelity, that something must have happened in this direction, but the real evidence of the painful truth remains hidden from her. The Spirit of God does not interfere here because it is their private life. But if she asks him warmly for information about the partner, then she only receives a short, gentle hint that she should rid her person of this dishonest partner. The soul does not receive more precise information because its consciousness has not yet matured sufficiently and otherwise it would be restless. She could transfer this restlessness to her person during the day and he could become energetic very quickly. Because of this restlessness, despair and low vibration of the soul, it would not be able to supply sufficient energy for the physical body. Although the Spirit of God knows about the committed adultery of the partner, it holds back for this reason. This is different in the case of a well-matured soul when it asks the Spirit of God for clarification about the partner. According to her consciousness, she only receives the messages that help her and the equally mature person to make an external change in 4

5 guide the way. She tries to convey this to him on the emotional level. But she does not receive details about the unfaithful partner from the Spirit of God either, because otherwise she would penetrate too far into the private life of a being. Warnings, admonitions and helpful instructions on how to live according to law can already be given by the I Am deity to the divine beings. However, she does not interfere directly in her private life because the heavenly beings did not wish this in a vote on it. But if a dual disunity should arise, which has a very detrimental effect on its light bodies and its environment through low vibrations, then the I Am deity is allowed to speak directly to the beings because of the danger of disturbing influences on the planetary life. She admonishes them to unity and harmony of heart. This also applies to the godly beings returning home in the fall being. The returning souls, who try to approach the heavenly law through their honest efforts and are warmly ready to accept every hint of self-knowledge from God as valuable, receive precise instructions from the divine spirit in order to be able to free themselves more quickly from irregularities. The Spirit of God gives you more comprehensive information about your life as a partner. If they are in an unequal partnership, then the Spirit of God tries to warn the soul first. He explains to her that she does not live according to God's will with her partner and thus cannot achieve the given life goal that she set for herself before incarnation. She tries to make this understandable to her people on the emotional level and through thought impulses. The heavenly helpers, who have volunteered for God's plan of salvation and have gone into the depths of matter to help the night, energyless souls and people from the fall, the spirit of God may help more extensively in the partnership life, because we do this for self-protection in the divine Have introduced law. Therefore you will find out more details about our arrangements in the kingdom of heaven for the plan of salvation beings and the fallen beings who want to return to their home of light. Truly, in these earthly end times, the souls of the disciples regrettably often show massive polarity reversals from many incarnations, which is why they cannot recognize and feel from the charisma of their partner which way of life he actually leads. If they were not mentally covered with many burdens contrary to the heavenly legal life, then a soul in the sleep phase of its human being, through the aura brightness and its color change, could clearly recognize the difference in consciousness of its friend or partner compared to its own aura. Then it would be possible for her to clearly understand her person on the emotional level, whether the partner suits her or not. Since this is rarely the case with the disciples, there are great errors in the choice of partnership. They are often not met according to divine will. Truly, this is the real reason why so many unequal partnerships exist in this world and also often fail painfully. The Spirit of God cannot help you because every being in the free 5

6 Will lives and most of them are inaccessible to the Spirit of God in their low-vibrating way of life. If a soul does not feel the need to ask the Spirit of God whether it is correct with the choice of partner or not, then the Spirit of God has to hold back, because it was decided in this way by the majority of the light beings in the kingdom of heaven and was accepted into the divine law. Only a heartfelt request to the I Am deity opens up the possibility for the soul to receive important information on choosing a partner. Please be aware of the divine law: Without a request, the Spirit of God does not give advice to the soul or to man. If the godly souls and their people had this knowledge, then there would not be unequal partnerships among disciples in this world, which would bring them unspeakable suffering and enormous deprivation of energy, of which they still have no idea today. If they knew that they had an energy body made up of atoms of a subtle nature inside, then they would sooner find it necessary to protect themselves from being deprived of energy by an unequal partner. But they lack this knowledge. That is why my love spirit calls through a herald into the world of the cold of the heart: Get rid of a cold-hearted person who still lives by your side as a partner, because you cannot suspect the physical and, above all, the great emotional damage he is doing to you! Please take my warning calls more seriously in yourselves, then it will not be difficult for you to get free from an unequal partner, even if he lovingly and hypocritically whispers in your ear that he loves you! Anyone who is fooled by my discipleship by an unequal partner should expect that after the incarnation they will meet the same partner again in the hereafter through mutual attraction who will be courting them again. Do you want to do that to your soul, open-hearted people who turn to me? It is a storage body that reacts to the sensations, thoughts and your life direction, therefore it is the same as a light body (soul) in the hereafter as you have lived with it on earth as a person! You now have the opportunity to hand over all the connecting threads to your unequal, cold-hearted partner to me, the primordial spirit in the I Am. If this happens again and again from your heart, then I will detach you from the unequal partner who makes your life difficult or hypocritically carries it on your hands, so that you give him the missing life energies out of ignorance.If you keep coming to me inside, then I first release you spiritually from the energetic connections to your unequal partner. If you have done this often, the soul will soon change its storage with my help. In the case of a well-matured soul this happens even faster because it has a better overview of it than a soul who is still at the beginning of the spiritual path and who does not yet have any legal knowledge for faster knowledge. You are the many human 6

7 Reverse polarity in the way, which is why it does not see through the legal processes as quickly as a well-matured soul that gives everything to be close to me inside. Please overcome yourselves, you wanderers into the inner light of God, there I, Christ in the I Am, wait for you so that your soul is finally free from self-deception and also from the deceptions of an unequal partner who is only oriented towards the world, because he is still a welcome guest in her! Who now does not close his eyes and ears to my I am love flow, which flows from my greatest heart of all creation, will soon find out how good it was to leave the unequal partner who spoke sweetly, but was cold in heart. Please do not be fooled by him, even if he did you a lot of good, because his good works only serve him so that you should stay with him and be a good supplier of energy. If this has not yet become clear to the disciples, then they will continue to have sexual relations with the unequal partner. But you should know that: Through sexual contact, information repeatedly flows into the genes and cells, which can greatly influence an indecisive, good-hearted person. On the one hand, he wishes to be free from his cold-hearted partner, but does not dare to do so. He is constantly influenced and unsettled by new genetic information and therefore does not dare to make any external changes. The disciples did not have this knowledge until now, because they have always been misled by ignorant and prejudiced leaders, many of whom live mortifyingly, and now lead unequal partnerships with great heartache. Those of the good-natured and God-bound people who, with this divine knowledge, still engage in sexual contact with an unequal partner, although they have already separated from them in their hearts and now falsely and fearfully believes that they still have to fulfill their conjugal duty, who is truly not yet consciously on the inner path to God. This dishonorable behavior shows him that he has become a puppet of darkness who uses his body! If a warm, but indecisive person has separated from his cold-hearted partner in the heart, but not yet externally and begins to open his heart to someone of the same kind - but still believes that he must absolutely fulfill his sexual duty with the cold-hearted partner - then should he wonder if he still has a sense of honor for his body and soul! If he allows this, then I ask his new partner, who loves him, to say goodbye to this indecisive person without a sense of honor, because God's law does not allow this and he is burdened by it. Now my love spirit comes back again in the light of revelation to the inviolability of every being of God. No divine being of light interferes in the life of others, 7

8 because this would be curiosity and an interference in his personal life, which he controls independently with God's help. This is how it has been determined by all heavenly beings and this is how we behave towards the beings in the fall. On the other hand, the beings in the low-light and low-vibrating case levels constantly interfere in the lives of others. Many of them pretend in their earthly life that they are good people, but whoever could take a closer look would be appalled by their dark and selfish way of life. In the meantime, shortly before the deadline of the fall, on earth and in the otherworldly, dark realms, they have become skilful artists of dissimulation who can excellently deceive other beings, above all spiritually ignorant disciples. Hypocritical souls live in the otherworldly realms of earthly being who are veiled with dark veils due to many burdens against God's law and who again live in an unequal partnership with the disciples who are bound to them. A being from the plan of salvation already feels the low vibration of the partner from the fall, but cannot classify it correctly, just as man could not correctly assess this in his earthly lifetime. A person or a soul on the other side cannot imagine that the unequal energy capacity of souls will always be balanced by living together because of their ignorance of the heavenly dual energy law. A more highly developed being cannot correctly assess the dangerous life situation with a low-energy partner in the hereafter because the shared memories from earthly life lead to mutual bondage and constantly pretend to be happy. This costs the higher developed being enormous life energies and does not bring him any further spiritual development. Truly, the once energetic soul experiences its spiritual decline in the hereafter. The dangers of living together with an unequal, hypocritical partner, whose soul comes from the fall and has become weak in energy through massive, cool-hearted and selfish behavior, is misunderstood by the disciples because he always courted them. Through this deception, which long gave the appearance of sympathy and through years of commonality in living together, they have built up an attraction and that is why most of the disciples in the hereafter want to be together with their unequal partner again. Their magnetic bond does not release them there either, although they vibrate unevenly. Since the disciples did not look at their behavior against the divine law in their earthly time, they therefore still have many unlawful things in common with their earlier insidious partner, B. had several relationships at once in human life. This tragedy of my discipleship happens every day in unequal partnerships because they fully trust their cold-hearted and cunning partners, although many of them constantly betray them. They let themselves be outwitted again and again by beautiful words that never come from their hearts. Because of their partner's repeated coldness of heart, they were often close to parting with him. But the 8th came again and again

9 dissimilar, deceitful partners approaching her to recruit. The disciples allow this dishonest game because they mistakenly believe that they have a benevolent person next to them who always knows how to court them. In fact, they are often unfaithful and only live with the good-natured and gullible partners who do not come from the case because of external possessions, belongings, or their selfish advantage. They do not see through the deceit of their partners in the afterlife either, because they seldom spend time there in the common living area. In the hereafter, too, the urge to sexual satisfaction urges them. The former strong human sexual drive continues in the hereafter in the soul in various ways, which my love spirit withholds from you, because otherwise you could ponder for a long time. The instinct of the fall beings only comes to an end when they have little energies available in the center of order and therefore have to hold back. But they can also overcome this if they have a partner next to them who unsuspectingly transmits energies to them via the soul aura. So many deeply fallen beings of God live at the expense of ignorant disciples. They are masters of disguise and pretend to their partners (disciples) something that they are not. Above all, however, many women disciples in earthly garment are to be regretted because of their gullibility. They are unable to take a closer look at the reality of earthly life and are delighted with their husbands, who pretend to be hypocritical and pretend that they are very helpful people because they help single women in need. In fact, however, they have a relationship with them that the disciples cannot understand. They pretend so skilfully that the disciples believe their malevolent husbands. It doesn't even dawn on them when they receive messages and tips on this from people they know or who are strangers. Even then, they still believe that the partner is only concerned about them and cares for them touchingly. They still do not see through their husbands' deception, even though there is every indication that they are being cheated on by them. Men experience the same fate, but not as often as women. What else should I, Christ in the I Am, say to my disciples so that they become cautious about worldly partners who pretend to be good spouses, but who actually live in several relationships at the same time that cost them time and energy. But the connection to a disciple soon compensates for the energies used up. So the worldly cunning and malicious people from the Fall have long been living at the expense of the disciples' energy. Once caught, they make up many excuses and reasons to gloss over their mistakes. The disciples fall for this again and again because they have too little knowledge about the machinations of the fall souls and their followers in earthly life. 9

10 If you want to continue to allow people from the fall to harm you, then you are truly no different from them, because equal consciousness defends equal. Anyone who behaves in this way should ask himself why he is rejecting this message statement. Perhaps the message touched his wrong thinking or life? Some of the good-natured, godly disciples in the earthly end times live in a sham partnership. In their superficial and pretended harmony, they deceive each other and therefore wrongly believe that they are married to a partner that suits them. So that you are not subject to deception, I advise you to get to know yourself first in order to get the necessary inner clarity and certainty with regard to the right partner. However, spiritually mature people experience this only through the feedback of their soul on the emotional level. Then they clearly feel who they are married to or live with. Truly, only when an inner, sincere person works daily on his character weaknesses and tries to completely overcome them with my divine help and is still ready to ennoble his being even more, only then will he feel where he and his partner stand spiritually. By getting to know each other himself, he is then able to be more sensitive and to see through his unequal and cold-hearted partner from the case more easily. If he has matured and become sensitive enough to be able to distinguish the unlawful (negative) from the divine energy or vibration, then he will no longer try to stay with someone who pretends to be a good and helpful person to be and outwardly cleverly give the appearance of doing everything for the partner and the family. In fact, however, he is more often unfaithful to him and it often happens that he secretly and skillfully misappropriates common funds and uses it to spoil his love affairs with gifts. Truly, for such a contradicting person, his calculating selfishness and worldly orientation is his true purpose in life. A well-matured inner person will not be blinded by such a cold-hearted hypocrite and will no longer allow himself to be touched by him, let alone get involved with him physically, as his honesty and his sense of honor no longer allow this! He will part with him as soon as possible and hope and trust in my divine help! You good-natured inner people, if you suspect through a conspicuous, very strange behavior and behavior of your partner that he is secretly unfaithful to you, then make sure by intensive research whether you are correct. If you have a strong, uncomfortable feeling because of the suspected infidelity of your partner, but still have no proof of this, I advise you to hold yourself back physically from your opaque partner for a long time and to get to the bottom of your oppressive, insecure feeling, even if it is you therefore reproaches and threatens. 10

11 Please be aware of this: The sense of honor of a heavenly being does not allow you to get physically involved with a deceiver, as cordial communication has been forever destroyed and a distrust always remains in your subconscious and your soul, even if you come from your heart have forgiven! No inner connection can be maintained permanently on such an unworthy basis! Truly, in this cold-hearted world of deceptions there are many unworthy and incorrigible people who unscrupulously manage to maintain a relationship with one or more women or men at the same time. They really live in a dangerous condition because they are carriers of many sexually transmitted diseases! Have the good-natured disciples with the frivolous, careless way of life already become aware of this? Whoever pushes the warnings of my love spirit aside and still pretends not to know anything, my love spirit cannot help him to recognize his recklessness. He still lives in the dream world of his unequal partner, who brought him so far that he lives in two parts. He made him so dependent and docile that he can heartlessly live out what his soul had planned before incarnation. Truly, quite a few disciples in the world live in such a tragic partnership situation and do not dare to break away from their hypocritical partner because he outwardly blinds them with a pleasant and prosperous life. Although they feel uncomfortable inside with their cold-hearted partner, they continue to stay in their self-made golden cage as serfs of their partner and this bond continues unchanged in the hereafter, as their storages control them in this way. Should this be the inner way to God and the liberation from bonds for the disciples? Over many incarnations and also in the hereafter, the disciples live in tolerance and as prisoners of unequal spouses from the fall. The ecclesiastical authorities have taught tolerance and obedience to their partners for almost two thousand years. None of those affiliated with major religious organizations see any light in this regard. In this way, the disciples are kept bound in marriages and partnerships so that the souls of the Fall and their human followers can continue to attack them and take away the rest of their life energies, which was intended for the incarnation in the mission of the plan of salvation. So it is now with many of God's disciples who accept statutes and dogmas from the religious communities and live them. They are pressed into a template that does not allow them to live their true essence. For a long earthly period they are bound by certain rules of faith of a religious authority, which leads the good-willed, believing people. It's always the same at the top, the 11th

12 appear there because they incarnate in alternation, which was previously discussed. Even today's disciples do not notice that the doctrine of the dogmatists does not contain any references to the spiritual harmony of the partners. Instead, tolerance, obedience and eternal bond to the partner are taught in order to further strengthen the inequality-life principle of the deeply fallen beings here on earth and in the light-poor areas on the other side. When do you ponder the many inconsistencies of religious teachings with the logical foresight of a more evolved being? You people of the Spirit of God are in the middle of an event in which the earth stretches out its feelers to acquire heavenly powers for a new evolution, which have already accumulated around the atmospheric layers. At the moment, however, it cannot absorb this because the negative forces constantly rising from people and souls to the earthly atmosphere prevent it. The lack of energy on earth is constantly increasing and the consequences of this are devastating catastrophes without end. This is the current state of earthly time. How long the earth will carry you is a question of human orientation, which instead of going to God goes further and further in the direction of the low vibrating world. This brings the earth out of the given magnetic field equilibrium that the falling beings once programmed into the atmospheric layers. They did not want to polish their low vibrating fall creation according to the heavenly principle, but according to their own guidelines. This is their world and it is the causes and effects of their merciless causal law - which they also laid out in the atmospheric layers with function storage in the imagery - that now come more and more towards them. Those who do not wake up from the discipleship now are truly still far removed from the inner heavenly source because they live too outwardly and therefore oversleep the turn of the ages.If you hear me, the good shepherd of the beloved disciples, calling in your hearts, then you are mine, who recognized me through the message. I call on all sincere people with open hearts to open themselves even further for me in the I Am, so that even more disciples may awaken and come to the inner source of all life! So that you can recognize your current state of consciousness and your alignment more precisely, I ask, the Christ of God in the I Am, to think about it and to ask yourself who can lead you away from invisible events in your current way of life and situation. Is it the incorrigible fall beings or is it me in the I Am? 12th

13 I try to lead you out of this noisy and low-vibrating world to my flock of peaceful and humble beings. I offer those who are now ready to come with me many possibilities and powers to move into a new consciousness that will carry them heavenwards. If you are there too, then I am happy in your hearts and will not leave anything out so that you can get home safely. I love you without interruption and will never diminish my love for you, because from the impersonal life of the I am deity I cannot help being that way. It is the one who follows me in a straight line by fulfilling my inner instructions, who loves me heartily. Are you ready yet? Whoever gives his heart completely to me, the Christ in the I Am, who lives in you, I will reward justly without making any distinctions. I call you from all four winds and ask you to throw everything into the balance in order to enable the turn to divine humility and cordiality. The heavenly beings always live together in these qualities. By this I mean, your soul's heart should glow so brightly and radiate the love light so far that other disciples should be illuminated. If you have opened up the fire of my love in you and it burns for each other, then the fall beings follow you because they have now convinced themselves that your intimate love is something beautiful that they did not know! Only then does a noticeable jolt go through their ranks, because they have you as living examples and can joyfully recognize that you love one another heartily. Where are the disciples who give away their heartfelt love to one another in equal partnerships? They are the salt of the earth when it comes to partnerships. To set new impulses in the direction of heavenly duality, that is your heavenly and earthly task now. Who is so far and tries to get out of the unequal partnership and is ready to start a new warm friendship, it is the one who follows me, not the one who is in an unequal partnership and takes his last energies from the malicious partner leaves. I do not mean these people of the heart who live on the back burner, but those who give everything they feel in their hearts, so that their equal, godly and free partner will be happy with them. I call everyone together and ask them to start over. I reward those who start with many powers that are reserved for the discipleship of God in the original central sun. If you and you are ready to open yourself completely to my heart, then come into the light and surrender your faults and weaknesses to me before they depress you. I mean the discipleship of God in general, which I would like to lead to a common flock again because they have so far misunderstood me and lived far from me. 13th

14 I ask you to think about how far you want to follow my instructions. The one who has collected enough oil for his heart lamp is the one who can follow me in a straight line. I wish that as your heavenly brother Christ in the I Am very much and also that you will return home soon! Greetings from God, you open-hearted people who love divine freedom more than this unfree, God-distant world! 14th