Are surgeons and doctors glorified mechanics

Dr. Vaclav Cink, MSc

In my ordination I offer you the entire spectrum for the optimal treatment of your spine - conservative and operative!


Perfection through precision!


Perfect results require precise therapies as well as a high level of experience and specialist knowledge. The well-being and the associated joie de vivre of my patients are my top priority.


Thanks to my interdisciplinary expertise and many years of experience, I can determine exactly when an operation is more promising for you than a lengthy, conservative treatment. Your advantage is that you will receive from me a treatment that is ideally tailored to your complaints at the highest international level - that is my claim, my mainspring and also my passion!


I am currently the only doctor in Austria and one of the few worldwide who have all three specialist medical degrees relevant to spinal surgery: orthopedics, trauma surgery and neurosurgery. Thanks to my many years of operative experience in these specialist areas, I combine precise neurosurgical techniques on the microscope with perfectly learned orthopedic, biomechanical skills in the operating room.


After working in Zurich and Hamburg, I was most recently in Berlin as the main surgeon in orthopedic spine surgery at the Charité - the largest university clinic in Europe.


From the removal of a herniated disc to operations in the case of slipping vertebrae to complex corrective operations for scoliosis and operations on tumors on the spinal cord - as a spinal specialist, I am here for you!


I take enough time for your concerns and needs! Trust in my expertise!


Your appointments can be arranged by phone! I look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Vaclav Cink