Apple fixed the FaceTime group error

A FaceTime Group error allows you to hear you ... without even realizing it

A serious malfunction in the Apple application - FaceTime - has been discovered so that iPhone users can hear the other party without the other party answering the call. A FaceTime group bug that brings the old spy webcam nightmare to life as this problem, a priori from the IOS 12.1 update, does not stop with the voice transmission but also activates the video in the event of a refused call.

FaceTime Group's big mistake

The bug detected by the 9to5Mac teams could therefore be used as a microspy, making it a serious security issue, especially since the website has also shown that the bug would be just as effective for making FaceTime calls to a Mac.

This bug in the FaceTime group exposes security flaws

The CNET site confirmed the information after noticing the bug itself during a test FaceTime call, thus sharing the details of the procedure: After making a FaceTime call with another iPhone user, slide yours Finger up to add another user to the call, then add their own phone number. The problem eventually arises because while the other party's phone is still ringing, their microphone is activated so they can hear them. Worse, when the volume or power button is used, the camera will automatically activate.

The FaceTime Group error shown in video

Now can you reply to FaceTime yourself even if they don't reply? #Apple explains this ...

- Benji Mobb ™ (@BmManski) January 28, 2021

Apple responded immediately to this warning from Cnet, claiming it found the source of the problem and promising to resolve it before the end of the week. However, on the issue tracking page on Apple's website, FaceTime was shown as corrupted Monday night and the group version was suspended so it was temporarily unavailable. After trying a new test, Apple seems to have fixed the bug before an update was needed.

Screenshot of the Apple site after the FaceTime problem was discovered

While Apple was quick to respond, the bug still had time to make the rounds on social networks, causing a wave of panic and forcing many users to simply remove FaceTime from their branded devices. Apple.

News of FaceTime's failure didn't panic social networks for long