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"Did you know that if one panda tugs another panda by the underwear, that is sexual harassment?" Tom Morris, a man in a panda costume, aims to educate students about what "sexual harassment" is. Cartman promptly uses the newly acquired information on the legal situation in this area to sue Stan for insulting him. Of all people, Kyle's father becomes his lawyer - and wins the case. Cartman is allowed to have half of Stan's possession as compensation, but Mr. Broflovski has bigger plans: He becomes the lawyer for countless children and rakes in a lot of money at the expense of innocent accused. Even the teachers aren't sure. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman soon decide that this cannot go on, and only one can stop the chaos: The Panda! But he was fired and now has to be tracked down on the island for discarded mascots.


• This episode was the first to air after the South Park film premiered. The past few weeks had been so stressful for Trey Parker and Matt Stone that they didn't even remember working on this episode.
• The panda and Santa Claus have the same voice. It didn't appear in South Park before, but it did appear in the short film "The Spirit of Christmas".
• The bartender has the voice of Moe from "The Simpsons" (Bernd Simon) in German.
• Judge Judy: Judge Julie, who is hearing the cases, alludes to this American court show.
• When Cartman wins his case, he sings "It's time to celebrate" in the original and "We are the Champions" (by Queen) in German.
• Pip's last name is not Philip, as claimed in this episode, but Pirrup. At least that's what was said earlier.
• Once again, Kyle's family name is misspelled: "Broflofski". It is actually called "Broflovski".
• When the panda sings for the first time in class, Mr. Garrison is standing next to him. Then suddenly it disappears, reappears, and disappears again.
• When Cartman won the trial, Kyle's father's legs were missing.
• When Mr. Broflovski closes the Cartman v. Pip case, Kyle is standing next to his father. Then the picture zooms out and he's gone.
• The episode pokes fun at the exaggerated complaints of sexual harassment in schools that piled up in the U.S. in the late 1990s.
• The "Kyles Dad" commercials are a parody of the California law firm of Larry H. Parker, who has been doing similar advertisements on television for years. For example, the scene with Bebe alludes to a Parker ad in which someone sits proudly on their new motorcycle for having received $ 2.1 million in court.
• Stan obviously has asthma, but this is not mentioned in any other episode.
• Similar bear names: The sexual harassment panda is called "Petey" (sometimes spelled Peetie), Cartman's plush panda is "Peter Panda".
• One of the mascots on the island is a whale that reads "Use Lambskin Condoms". The relatively expensive condoms made from lamb intestines are said to be more suitable for allergy sufferers than those made from latex.
• In this episode we get to know Skeeter and his redneck buddies, whom we will see more often. Most of the time they sit in the bar.
• School principal Victoria has a dark secret ... she committed murder!
• Cartman wins $ 1.3 million in court, Bebe $ 1.6 million, Clyde $ 1.4 million, Pip $ 1.6 million, Craig $ 2.1 million and Mr. Mackey $ 2 million.

We learn:

Mr. Broflovski: "Well, I've really learned something today. All I could see were the millions of dollars coming to me and I didn't care about where the money came from! Well, I'm no longer doing sexual harassment lawsuits in schools! They're too vague and too easily corruptable! "

ZiB's opinion:

After the last two slips, another better episode, which was well received by most of the fans due to the harassment panda. However, it is still not one of my favorite episodes, somehow I always found it a bit boring in terms of topic ... well, sorry. The next please.

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