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Baader Silica Gel desiccant

Silica Gel Orange - desiccant 125ml with environmentally friendly color indicator, reusable as often as you like!

Why desiccant?

If you want to ensure that your expensive optics and optical accessories, eyepieces, CCD cameras or the inside of your telescope do not suffer from moisture in closed containers, then it is advisable to take the same precautionary measures as you would in research laboratories for expensive instruments It is common practice to place a small, flat pillow or sachet of desiccant in the telescope or in the accessories cupboard.

This can prevent the extremely annoying condensation on the inside of lenses, mirrors or Schmidt plates; Especially if you later prevent new moisture from entering the telescope when you change the accessories through a diagonal prism or a flat glass (filter) in the focuser.


  • For SC telescopes we offer a 2 "filter holder in which any 2" filter can be inserted (e.g. clear glass, UV / IR blocking filter) and thus seals the inside of the tube against moisture
  • High quality filters (H-alpha, SolarSpectrum etc.) are particularly susceptible to moisture.

Baader Silica Gel with color indicator:

After some searching, we discovered a particularly reliable desiccant that foolproof indicates whether it is still effective ...

  • When dry, the pearls are bright orange / pink, when saturated with moisture, on the other hand, they are white and transparent.
  • In the transition phase, the pearls become temporarily pale, so that the saturation state can be assessed quite well.

To reuse, simply put the pearls in a plate and slide the whole thing into the oven and slowly heat the oven to a temperature of approx. 150 degrees (please do not put it in the preheated oven, the pearls can burst). After approx. 5 to 6 hours the silica gel will be bright orange / pink again and can be used again.

ATTENTION: reactivation in the microwave is NOT possible.

This process can be repeated as required. Nothing has to be thrown away, as is often the case with normal desiccants.