Is there room for a bandcamp competitor

SoundCloud alternatives for musicians and producers

Also founded in 2007, Bandcamp is one of the best-known SoundCloud alternatives. On this page you can find especially musicians and bands that are not under contract with one of the larger music labels. Artists who are not on a label sometimes market their entire song repertoire via the website. Bandcamp is particularly popular with rock and indie bands. In 2014 a new segment was introduced with “Bandcamp for Labels”, which was gradually used by various well-known independent labels such as Sub Pop, Epitaph, Ipecac, Ninja Tune or Fat Wreck Chords.

The Registration at Bandcamp is free for artists. Labels, on the other hand, have to pay US $ 20 a month if they promote up to 15 acts on their Bandcamp page - if there are more, the costs rise to US $ 50 a month, with any number of bands and musicians using the Page can be marketed. Bandcamp enables you to sell your own music. As soon as you have your own account (regardless of whether it is an artist or a label), you can decide for yourself whether you want to offer your music for download for free or for a fee. The number of free downloads is limited, but can be increased by paying a small amount.

The Profit sharing in the Music sales fall relatively at Bandcamp low off: 15 percent of the sales price goes to the platform, you keep the rest. If an album was able to book more than 50,000 downloads, the commission even drops to just 10 percent. If you also offer physical sound carriers such as CDs or records of his music or merchandising items, these can also be sold via the site - here, too, 10 percent of the sales price is paid to Bandcamp.

The However, the website does not offer functions of a social networkYou can only follow users and share their content and embed it in a website. However, you cannot leave any publicly viewable comments or send a message to the musician via Bandcamp. As a musician or music provider, you can only link to other channels such as your own website or your social media account.