Will papaya terminate a 3 month pregnancy

Papaya kernels - the application

Papaya seeds can be taken as follows:

  • With their peppery, pungent aroma, they are dried (or bought dry), put into the pepper mill and, instead of pepper, season your dishes from now on.
  • However, you can simply chew the kernels. A practical side effect is that any bad breath that may have been present has disappeared after chewing the kernels.
  • Papaya kernels are also available ground. The powder can be mixed into dressings, shakes, juices and smoothies.

If you want to use papaya kernels therapeutically, you should chew 5 - 6 papaya kernels several times a day (or take the appropriate amount of papaya kernel powder with a little water, plant-based milk or juice) - preferably after eating. Otherwise sensitive stomachs could react with nausea or the like.

This procedure should be carried out briefly (e.g. for 2 to 3 weeks, then 1 week off, then again for 2 to 3 weeks) in order to avoid habituation effects, but of course until the parasites have disappeared.

Where can I buy papaya kernels?

On the one hand, you can of course buy fresh papayas, take some of the kernels fresh and dry the rest in advance. However, the kernels must be carefully separated from the pulp and dried thoroughly so that they do not go moldy, which would be very counterproductive as mold toxins are extremely harmful. However, if the kernels are dried at too high temperatures, this in turn damages the enzymes they contain.

High-quality dried papaya kernels and the powder made from them are now also available in stores. Our favorites are the papaya seeds and the papaya seed powder. Both products were dried at temperatures not exceeding 42 degrees and are therefore of raw food quality.

Of course, the papaya fruit also has many beneficial health properties. Read more about the use of ripe and unripe papaya, how you can turn the fruit into an anti-wrinkle face mask and why papaya is good for the prostate: Papaya - Tropical all-rounder

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