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Win Twilight & True Blood & Star Trek

There was a lot of screaming and screeching again. That made sense at the Scream Awards 2009, which were presented in LA and brought a shower of prizes for the vampire romance Twilight and the science fiction Star Trek.

The audience decided. The 2009 Scream Award has been presented and the winners are no big surprise. Twilight - Till (s) dawn brought it to four Scream Awards and is one of the successful films of the year 2009. The vampire romance was awarded as “Best Fantasy Film”, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson each won one of the trophies as “Best Fantasy Actors ”and Taylor Lautner also received one for“ Best Breakout Performance ”. However, the teenage bloodsuckers are facing great competition in a television series that may soon see the light of the big screen: the TV series True Blood won in the categories “Best TV Series”; in addition, vampire Eric Northman received the awards as “Best Villain”, Anna Paquin as “Best Horror Actress” and Stephen Moyer as “Best Horror Actor”. All in all, this proves that vampires are currently very popular.

But one of the winners of this year's Scream Awards is also a science fiction. Star Trek succeeded as a reboot. The fans not only registered that, they also gave the film top marks. Director J.J. Abrams was named “Best Director” and Star Trek was named “Best Sci-Fi Movie”. As a highlight he was able to put all Twilighters in their place and received the main prize “Ultimate Scream Award”. William Shatner, the ultimate Capt. Kirk, and of course he was very happy about it. There was also a winner for visual effects. Transformers - Die Rache won the Scream Award for “Best Special Effects”. Megan Fox was also allowed to take the stage as "Best Sci-Fi Actress". There were special prizes for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, for horror director George A. Romero and comic book legend Stan Lee.

If you want to see what was going on on stage at the Scream Awards, then tune in to the ProSieben channel at the best time of Halloween, on October 31, 2009. It shows some of the awards ceremony from 00:30. We already have the trailer for the Scream Award Show 2009 for you.