Are computer science students good at management

IT infrastructure management is not a classic degree in computer science

What one learns here is very useful for later life.


Why did she decide to study at the FH Burgenland? “My big brother already studied at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland 12 years ago, in the previous course Internet technologies, and told many exciting stories. Also from lecturers who still teach at the FH and come from practical experience. I also got a lot of insights into student life at the BeSt3 study and career information fair and the open day. The last decisive reason for studying at the FH Burgenland was the proximity to my home town. "

As a counterbalance to her legal studies, she wanted to take a technical degree. “What you learn here is very useful for later life. The IT area is incredibly exciting and very diverse. In addition, this area is growing. There are now IT departments in almost every company, so you don't have to work in a very specific area, but can do what you enjoy. "

Maria attended the upper secondary school for instrumental music at the Theresianum in Eisenstadt, where she graduated with distinction. Her interest in IT began in lower school, where she attended the computer science subject. Over the next few years this interest deepened and she decided to study computer science.

What she particularly likes about the FH Burgenland is the solidarity and community. “The breaks together are very fun and I learn a lot from my colleagues. That welds together and is very different from a university. "

In the future, Maria would like to work in the field of IT law and emphasizes what is special about her course for all interested parties: “IT infrastructure management is not a classic computer science course. The focus is on network technology. The subjects in the course are also broader than at other universities of applied sciences. "