Are Louis Vuitton bags cheaper in Europe?

5 tips on how you can buy designer items cheaper

Have you been looking for the 2.55 handbag from Chanel for ages, would you love to have a Prada dress or the trendy Gucci belt at home or are you dreaming of owning a Birkin bag from Herm├Ęs? Would you like a little luxury in your wardrobe, but you don't have a particularly luxurious budget? Yes, it is not always easy to get designer parts without spending half a fortune, but it is We'll tell you a few clever tricks with which you could find what you are looking for ...

Search online stores from different countries

Different shops have different prices and different offers. It can therefore be worthwhile to look in various online stores especially with suppliers from the countries in which the items are manufactured, as the transport costs and taxes are often lower there. For example, if you want to get hold of something from Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton, you should stop by European providers like or If you are looking for US labels, American shops are more appropriate. Before ordering, be sure to pay attention to shipping and customs fees that may apply - otherwise you get annoyed quickly afterwards.

Wait for the right time

There are big designer sales twice a year: Around Memorial Day on May 27th and Black Friday, i.e. the fourth Friday in November. At this time you have the best chances of getting hold of a long desired item cheaply - however, you have to be a little lucky and get there as early as possible. You could be lucky after Christmas too. When shopping for designers, it is important to regularly check the various provider pages so as not to miss any offers. So keep your eyes open!

Sign up for newsletters

Tired of regularly checking the many sites that sell your favorite item? Then newsletters are the best alternative. They not only inform you about offers and sales, but usually also offer you a discount code of around 10 percent when you register. That can make a huge difference with expensive designer pieces that cost hundreds or thousands of euros.

Be flexible in terms of color

These tips are especially true for designer bags: Many fashion houses always have their bags in basic colors such as black, beige or brown in their range, but every now and then they are made available in seasonal colors, which are reduced in price accordingly after the end of the season. It can therefore be worthwhile to switch from black to gray or from brown to burgundy if this saves you a lot of money. If you don't like that, don't worry: Of course, the standard colors will also be reduced over time, but they tend to be less frequent and with lower discounts. So the following applies: Those who show courage in fashion get the best deals.

Do some research on second-hand websites

Even if the item on your wish-list doesn't go on sale, something else will happen: someone who already owns it will no longer be able to use it. In recent years, the trend to resell your things has increased and pieces on second-hand websites are often in almost new condition - especially for designer goods that are particularly well looked after. So it can be worthwhile to at least think about buying a used designer item. Most of the time, it is the prices that do the last job of convincing them, as they are only partly half the original price. Luxury second-hand platforms are for example or - items that are as good as new are reduced by up to 70 percent!

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