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Tutorial: How to Create Your First Site Using Weebly

Weebly is one of the most powerful website builders in the business. It gives those who want a web presence the chance to create one without having to learn web coding. For small business owners with tight budget constraints, this can be a way to grow the business without adding significant overhead.

Using a website builder is a very visual experience, and building a website using one is like playing with a stack of Lego - only easier. Today I'm going to walk you through the basics of everything you need to know about building your first website with Weebly.

How to use Weebly to build your first website

1. Open a Weebly account

Weebly plansFreePerbusiness
Annual price$ 0.00 / mo$ 12.00 / mo$ 25.00 / mo
Hard drive space12.80 MBUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL securityYesYesYes
Connect domainNoYesYes
Free domainNoYesYes
Transaction fees-3%0%
Add products-ProductsUnlimited
Suitable for ...Flyer websiteSmall business / online shopEverything and more

Weebly is a service provider. Before you can use any of its services, you need to create an account with it. There are three ways to sign in to Weebly: through your Facebook account, your Google account, or by email.

Creating an account with Weebly is free.

Start Here> Click here to sign up and create a website on Weebly.

2. Select a topic

Once you've created your account, Weebly starts with the basics. The first thing you need to choose is whether you want to create just a simple website or an online store. If this is your first website then don't worry and just choose one or the other.

Once that's done, you'll be presented with a number of themes (that's what Weebly calls their templates) for you to choose from. Weebly organizes their topics into categories like business, personal or blog. Take your time and browse the topics to choose what suits your needs.

Discover and see all Weebly themes here.

3. Choose your domain

Once you've chosen your topic, you'll be asked to choose a domain name. There are three ways you can add a domain to your Weebly website.

  1. Search and buy - Use Weebly to find a domain name and buy from it. This includes the usual costs for the domain name and there are also annual renewal fees. While this seems like a convenient option, I don't really recommend it as Weebly domain names and renewal prices are pretty steep at $ 19.95 per year.
  2. Connect an existing domain name - A transfer is a good option if you want to use a domain name that you already own. BUT keep in mind that once you move, you will have to pay Weebly domain name renewal fees.
  3. Use a free subdomain - Not an optimal choice, but a good start. Free subdomains must use Weebly branding on their website. However, this is a great way to explore the system first before joining an official domain name later.

4. Design your Weebly website

The Weebly Website Builder works very much like a WYSIWYG word processor. It uses elements like text boxes, images, and other building blocks to create a website. To use them all you have to do is put them together and fill in some blank spaces with your own text.

Edit your Weebly site

Before editing your website, pay attention to all the warning signs in the address bar of your browser. The Weebly editors run scripts that some browsers warn about and you need to allow them to run in order for Weebly to work properly.

Once you do this, there are two important things you can do with your site. The first is to drag building blocks from the left navigation bar onto your site, which is on the right side of the screen. The second is to edit this building block to customize it.

For example, suppose you click a text box and drag it onto the topic on the right. Once that's done, you'll need to enter the text that you want to appear in this field. Using the building blocks effectively may take a little experimentation to find the right one, but it's a pretty streamlined experience.

Using Ecommerce Features to Create an Online Store

If you click "Save" in the top navigation bar, you can configure additional settings that are useful when creating an online shop. Just fill in these details if you need them. The store configuration menu allows you to do almost anything you need for e-commerce, from basic information about your online store, to accepting payments, to creating coupons and handling shipping.

Increase functionality with the help of apps

Weebly on its own is a very simple website builder, and this is great as it gives users an easy and manageable way to build a website. However, advanced users may have different needs that can be met through the Weebly App Center.

Click on "Apps" in the top navigation bar and you can search the App Center. Here you will find a wide variety of applications that will expand the functionality of your business. Some of them were created by Weebly itself, while others are from third-party developers.

There are apps for almost anything, and you can add as many as you want. For example, you can use apps that allow you to create more powerful contact forms, or others that allow you to create a mobile app with your website.

Some apps are free, while others may have monthly fees that you have to pay to use. Be careful which apps you add as the cost of running your website can get out of hand if you have too many paid apps.

Change the site settings

The Settings option in the navigation bar allows you to change some general options for your site. From the site name to SEO options to who you want to collaborate with on your site design - all of these can be added or changed here.

Keep in mind that many of these options, SEO for example, are very simple as the main goal of Weebly is that you can easily create a website. Advanced SEO functions can be achieved when you find the right app in their app center.

Build for cell phones

In the age of mobility, it is important that websites work well on both mobile devices and desktop computers. To make sure your phone looks great, you can select the icon in the navigation bar to toggle the different views (desktop or phone).

Unfortunately, you can build a website specifically for mobile and have to rely on the responsive theme to do it for you. With this tool, you can at least make sure that everything you do fits into both formats.

5. Publish your Weebly website

Once all of this is done and you're satisfied, it's time to get your Weebly website public. Just click publish and you're good to go.

Marketing your website

Starting a website is more than just putting it together. To be more effective, you need to be able to build leads and reach people. To help you with this, Weebly has a marketing feature that allows you to configure some marketing tools.

For example, you can set up a popup asking your visitors to sign up for a newsletter that you can send them regularly or for special promotions. You can also create personalized newsletters and schedule them to be sent automatically in advance.

Again, these are basic options, and more powerful tools can be found in the App Center.

How much does my first website with Weebly cost?

At its simplest, Weebly lets you build and publish a website for absolutely nothing - for free. However, there are a lot of limitations to having a free website with Weebly. For example, every website you create and publish will have the Weebly branding on them and you will basically get stuck in the free Weebly subdomain.

It would be more realistic to consider Weebly's lowest tier, their "Connect" plan, which is $ 7 a month (the price drops to $ 4 a month if you pay annually). Additionally, you need to consider the price of a domain name, which is $ 19.95 per year.

When you factor things out, you can expect to pay.

(4 x $ 12) + $ 19.95 = $ 67.95 per year

... To create and maintain a simple website with Weebly.

Knowing that a realistic website with Weebly costs around $ 67.95 a year, we can do a basic price comparison. If it were you building your own website and finding your own hosting and domain name, you'd have to pull it all together by yourself.

The average price for a domain name is between $ 10 and $ 12 per year, and shared web hosting costs between $ 1 and $ 8 per month, depending on the features. This means that if you build and host your own website, your annual fees averages $ 59, which frankly isn't that much cheaper.

Conclusion: powerful website builder

Finally, we have the main advantage of Weebly - the fact that it is at its core a website builder and it allows those with no web coding knowledge to build a website. This is worth far more than the small cost savings you would likely get by looking for your own hosting.

Building your first website with Weebly probably isn't a daunting task. If you are familiar with remote computers or know how to use a word processor, you are likely to have minimal problems.

Even if you run into problems, you can always reach out to Weebly for technical support, knowledge base for ideas and help, or even reach out to the general Weebly Community for help.

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