What is the national animal in Burundi


Which animals live in Honduras?

Reptiles, birds and insects are particularly rich in species in Honduras. Brightly colored butterflies, wasps, bees, beetles, moths, spiders, flies and mosquitoes flutter and crawl around here. Crocodiles, lizards and snakes like that Boa constrictor can also be found. Also belongs to the reptiles Anolis allisoni, a species of lizard. The endemic species of the Útila iguana can be found on the island of Útila. He lives in tree hollows in the local mangrove forest.


Of the approximately 200 species of mammals, around half are bats. Tapirs, pumas, jaguars and ocelots live in the remaining rainforests. Other animals in Honduras include the Amazon skunk, the wrapped bear, the nine-banded armadillo, the pygmy anteater and its big brother, the great anteater.

White-shouldered capuchin monkeys climb through the trees. There are two types of umbilical pigs, the collar peccary and the white bearded peccary. The white-tailed deer is considered the national animal.

What is flying there?

More than 700 species of birds are at home in Honduras. The toucans and the toucans are particularly colorful Scarlet Macawwho is the country's national bird. That is endemic Honduras Amazilie, a species of hummingbird found only in Honduras in the world.

Other species are the red-billed tropical bird, the rhinoceros pelican and the blue-footed booby, which actually has blue feet. The Great Egret comes from the north to winter in Honduras. The Cuban flamingo feels at home in the lagoons.

In the sea

For example bottlenose dolphins, manta rays and parrot fish can be seen off the coast in the Caribbean Sea. Schools of blue surgeon fish swarm the water. Moray eels and turtles such as the hybrid turtle and whale sharks are other sea creatures.

Whale sharks are not only the largest sharks, but also the largest fish in the world. The whale shark can be up to 18 meters long. While most shark species snap for their prey, the whale shark sifts through the water and fishes out crabs and small fish. The top of the whale shark is spotted white.