How much auto insurance is enough

Coronavirus: Important information about car insurance

  • Expansion of the group of drivers in car insurance until May 31, 2021
Support each other during these times and use a private vehicle, even if you do not formally belong to the group of drivers specified in the insurance contract.
We are expanding the group of drivers for privately used vehicles in ADAC car insurance to include all family members and helpers (e.g. caregivers) by May 31, 2021.
A formal registration as an additional driver is required during this time Not required.
In this way, you can help each other, for example shopping for one another, without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks of infection in local public transport.

  • Online admission
  • Since many admission offices are closed or in emergency mode due to Corona, it makes sense to use the online admission that has been possible under certain conditions since October 1, 2019.
     Detailed information on online admission

Which car insurance coverage is right for you?

To use a car on the public road is one Motor vehicle liability insurance, required by law in Germany. It pays for the damage you cause others to do with your vehicle.

This basic protection can be extended by a partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance. Damage to your own vehicle is then also covered. So takes over Partial coverage e.g. glass damage, damage from theft and fire. The Fully comprehensive also applies to self-inflicted damage and the consequences of vandalism.

With optional additional modules, you can individually adapt your protection to your personal needs.

Regardless of how you decide, with ADAC car insurance you get comprehensive and flexible insurance cover for Cars, motorcycles, campers and trailers.
for damage to your own vehicle as a result of accidents and vandalism you caused
for damage to your own vehicle, such as broken glass, theft, fire
includes all partially comprehensive coverage