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Celebrate children's birthday online

Celebrating a child's birthday - 6 tips for a great atmosphere

So that you can convince yourself even more of the effectiveness of our children's birthday party on the development of your child, we have here an overview of the most important advantages. Finally, playful events can also have a positive effect on your child's learning process.

How does our interactive video birthday party work?

Celebrating a child's birthday via video is as easy to hold as virtual work meetings. This software for professional video meetings can therefore be easily applied to our birthday concept. Because the corona pandemic affects not only professional life and everyday school life, but also our leisure activities. Therefore - why shouldn't we take advantage of video chats or virtual meet-ups for celebrating a virtual children's birthday party? Meanwhile, many video chat platforms such as Skype or Zoom are booming.

To celebrate a children's birthday party via video, the party guests meet at a specific time on their own PC, laptop or tablet. So that you don't experience a failure, we finally give you an introduction to how the online meet-up works and how our birthday parties are designed. Don't worry - handling is child's play!

We put the crown on the concept of celebrating children's birthday parties online with our wide variety of extraordinary offers. Here we have many unusual features at the start. Your child can freely choose the character of the respective party depending on their mood. Does your child feel like having a theme party? Or would you like to let off steam in a specially created discovery workshop, for example? After all, there are almost no limits to your imagination. Does your child adore a YouTuber or a certain cartoon character? We can also include this aspect in our birthday planning - the desired celebrity guest simply logs into the virtual party at a desired time. As the icing on the cake, your child can meet his secret idol - regardless of whether it is a superhero (e.g. Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, etc.), a magician or a fairy tale character.

Video celebrating children's birthday parties - what types are there?

Our offer for celebrating children's birthdays extends from imaginative celebrations with superheroes or fantasy characters to birthdays in the form of workshops to parties in the style of fan meetings with Youtubers. No matter what interests your child pursues, whether they emulate certain traits of a fictional character, like to puzzles and solve puzzles for their life or whether they are fascinated by the creative scene of video bloggers - in our opinion there are no “bad” or “pointless” “Role models or sources of inspiration. Since we take the dreams and interests of every child seriously, we are also of the opinion that every crush about a superhero or a comic figure can add value for their own later development. Therefore, we want to support it by aligning our offer for celebrating a child's birthday to the individual fields of interest of the children.

6 tips for children's birthday parties

Unsure whether celebrating a children's birthday party according to our style meets your expectations? So that we can convince you of our didactic competence, we refer to our numerous innovative online courses from Silicon Valley Kids.

1. MINT amazes children

Accordingly, we lead children through our courses "Programming for children"," Robotics courses for children ","Science courses“Or on the subject of electronics etc. successfully approached learning. The course content can also be linked to our concept for celebrating children's birthdays online.

If you would like to design the birthday party in such a way that your child experiences a dreamlike party as a reward, we therefore recommend our wide range of themed parties. Then a YouTube star, a magician, superhero or a famous fairy tale character joins the celebration. We are also happy to meet special requests. Feel free to contact our support so that we can implement your expectations.

2. Themed party

A special kind is a theme party. We at Silicon Valley Kids also have a lot in our repertoire for this. If you are lacking the ideas of what might be well received by your child, we have a small list as a suggestion from which you can choose:

  • Mermaid birthday
  • Detective birthday
  • Pirate birthday party
  • Princesses birthday
  • Fairies children's birthday
  • Ninjago party
  • Knight birthday
  • Fire department children's birthday party

3. Exciting experiments and trials

Another variant of the concept of celebrating a children's birthday party is our experiments birthday party. This serves to introduce your child and his friends to the scientific cosmos and thereby arouse their enthusiasm for exciting experiments. However, there is also a look behind the scenes and simple technical contexts are explained to the children in a graphic and captivating manner. You can also take an active part in experiments in the fields of physics, electronics, biology and chemistry.

4. YouTube stars

Celebrating children's birthdays in a modern way also includes the involvement of YouTube stars. For example, we are happy to establish contact with a YouTuber and hire him as a special guest. It could be exciting for your child to talk to their favorite YouTuber and find out more about their everyday work. Especially as a surprise appearance, the YouTuber is sure to be a special attraction. This will make your child's big day unforgettable!

As a special effect, the YouTuber can simply log into the video meeting at a certain time and perform a short birthday serenade.

5. Superheroes as eye catchers

Superheroes can also attend the birthday party. This makes your child's birthday a supernatural event. It doesn't matter whether your child raves about the heroes of Marvel’s Avengers or can't get enough of Superman, Spiderman or Ironman - we have them all. For an unforgettable superhero feeling, we have the right outfit of superhero costumes ready for all party guests. This allows your child to immerse themselves in their own world for 10 to 20 minutes.

6. Impressive magicians

Celebrating children's birthdays can also be done magically with magicians. Despite the virtual aspect, nothing of the mystical atmosphere of a magic show is lost. The magic pieces are also particularly impressive via video meeting and will cast a spell on your child. If desired, the magician will be happy to show off his best tricks for 10 to 20 minutes. You can determine when he starts his online show.

What do we value on your child's special day?

At our parties, it is important to us that your child feels comfortable and is in his element at all times. We believe that is how it works out best. Of course, we follow our quality standards for all of our children's birthday parties: This means that the entertainment offered by the “celebrity” guests invited is always of a certain level. Therefore, it is not just about a passive "showering" of your child, with which your child can not do anything, but about an interactive inclusion of your child. The appearances of our superheroes and YouTubers are always well thought out and also follow an educational or didactic etiquette. Meaningful entertainment tailored to age and level of development is our top priority. In addition, the sensory abilities of your child should be addressed and their spirit of discovery awakened. No problem with the program of our superheroes and fairy tale characters!

Table 1: Differences between passive and active learning when celebrating a children's birthday party (see Göth / Frohberg / Schwabe, 2007)

Virtual Birthday Party - A Satisfactory Alternative?

Since we put together the right program for every type of child, this question can be answered with "yes". Even if a virtual birthday party is initially unfamiliar to your child, this aspect in particular will inspire your child in the long term. Because the digital media offer many special display effects for your child, which they have probably not yet got to know to this extent. Encounters with the fictional characters or joint workshops with friends can therefore be experienced in a completely new way!

In addition, we adapt the program to every character trait of a child, whether by nature reserved and quiet or extroverted and daring. Here, we tailor the concept exactly to the type of child - for example, we use appropriate methods to get reluctant children out of the reserve without bending them. Our most important concern is to draw the potential from the children, without pressure or expectations, but always depending on the situation and circumstances.

To what extent is the children's birthday party useful for learning for my child?

Perhaps you are not yet fully aware of the extent to which your child will benefit from our children's birthdays. This may have something to do with the fact that our method is not, after all, about “classical learning”, as is mostly known. It is therefore not about taking away your child's fun for their birthday and making them study. After all, you want your child to do things that they are passionate about in an environment that is comfortable for them. It should draw inspiration from the encounters with its role models and collect valuable impulses. Simply put, it should benefit from its own personal experience as a result. Because personal experiences in particular also shape a character and associated values.

Even in the form of workshops, which are more of a playful nature, your child can better absorb new knowledge and store it in memory for a longer period of time. Although the learning process with our birthday format tends to take place "on the side", it is more constant learning, as the new experiences are much better and more sustainably consolidated in the brain. In addition, meeting the characters stimulates the child's imagination, which in turn increases his or her intellectual ability to think and learn. It has been proven that stimulating the imagination has a beneficial effect on the brain and cognitive abilities (cf. Zimpel, 2016). The learning benefit is therefore considerable for your child.


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Göth, Christoph / Frohberg, Dirk / Schwabe, Gerhard (2007):From passive to active mobile learning, Zurich.

FAQs about celebrating children's birthdays

What kind of online children's birthday celebrations are suitable for us?

If you are unsure which children's birthday is the right one for your child, we will be happy to advise you. Of course, it depends a lot on your child's interests, but we have the right celebration in store for every child.

Are there any special arrangements that need to be made for the birthday party?

No, this is not necessary. We take care of all the necessary requirements. You can just sit back and relax and leave the planning to us.

Does my child have to meet certain requirements for the children's birthday party?

No, not at all. Since this is not a competition or test, but a leisure activity with meaningful input, your child does not have to meet certain "admission requirements" first. It can take part in the event just as it is.

Can my child have just as much fun online at a children's birthday party as in analogue?

Our digital methods are at least as good as they would be the case with face-to-face workshops. We actively involve your child in all experiments and games so that it makes no difference that they celebrate their birthday through a screen.

What if my child can't decide what kind of children's birthday they want?

We not only offer uniform birthday concepts, but also combinations of several types. This means that we also put together mixtures of workshops, fan meetings and experiments for your child.