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Website translations

Pangeanic offers complete and professional website translation and localization services: both website translation and website localization can make your content available to millions of potential users and customers worldwide, making your website a powerful sales channel.

Leveraging the expertise of our translation agency with thousands of pages already translated and hundreds of successful websites, Pangeanic offers you website translation services that translate your content using the best SEO keywords, meta elements and microformats. In addition to providing a direct translation, we provide a complete, turnkey website localization service that will turn your website into an internet magnet. We use the latest combination of applied translation technologies for the internet to translate entire websites in WordPress (which 70% of websites use) as well as Joomla and Drupal or other eCommerce sites. Your website will become a very engaging multilingual site and your international audience will keep coming back to read your content.

We use the latest combination of translation and web technologies for website translation services

Our website translation and localization services are complete. They include rebuilding HTML files with static content and manage the entire multilingual publishing process in the language of your choice. This can include translating blogs or news, online help files in software for intranets and extranets, and repetitive marketing campaigns (see as one of our use cases). We also take care of knowledge centers, online customer relationships, etc., with adapted machine translation services, if your budget does not allow you to translate completely human. Expert translators and web designers with experience in website translation will take care of your project right from the start. Knowledgeable project managers will advise you on optimal keywords and descriptions that are not necessarily those used in the original language of your website but are the preferred search terms in the target country or location. In addition to providing you with the best possible website translation service, Pangeanic also wants to add a local touch to your content (localization) ... with slight changes being made. Recent studies have shown that more and more languages ​​are represented among Internet users. The Asian languages ​​recorded the greatest growth. When it comes to translating Japanese and Chinese websites, our offices will use local experts to help with your project. Our European offices take care of

  • French website translations
  • Spanish website translations
  • German website translations
  • Russian website translations
  • Italian website translations
  • Arabic website translations ... and many other languages

You would certainly find it difficult to use or buy a service that you do not understand. The same goes for your website in reverse: it would be problematic if you presented your company's website in a language that your target audience does not understand. Translated websites are three times more likely to conduct a transaction than a website whose content is only presented in one language or in English. It is known that speaking to people in their native language helps generate new business opportunities and encourages surfers to return to your site. While English is a good starting point, a translated website allows many more readers to better understand your products and services without any doubts or misunderstandings. Don't forget: translating a website pays off very quickly. Read more about the benefits of website translation to empower your business in our Knowledge Center: Website Translation Services for Global Exposure and Credibility Want to know how many languages ​​Pangeanic offers? Please click here.