What are mail deliveries

Everything for mail delivery

With our postal delivery program, you get everything you need for delivery by Deutsche Post AG, borrowed companies, public administration and the judiciary: certificate of delivery, formal delivery (inner envelope) and delivery order (outer envelope). You are always on the safe side: Our products all meet the transport regulations of Deutsche Post AG.

Your advantages

  • 100% conformity with the transport regulations of Deutsche Post AG: Our range includes practically all transport dimensions from compact letters to DIN E4.
  • 100% data protection: Of course, we take data protection requirements into account: complex envelope processing ensures 100% data protection.
  • 100% service:So that you have almost no more work - you can also leave the insertion of the documents in the envelopes to us.

We also offer you our printing service so that you have already preprinted your individual data. And if you do not deliver with Deutsche Post AG: We also carry external envelopes and delivery documents for delivery by loaned companies.

Mail delivery for bailiffs

We offer practical packages for formal delivery by bailiffs. In this way, you will receive all of the documents you need, ready-made. You can choose between standard delivery packages or delivery packages for IT processes. In addition, all packages are available for delivery by Deutsche Post AG as well as for delivery by borrowed companies.

Insertion service - the special service for all windowless envelopes

  • We fold the certificate onto the insert format and insert it into the envelope.
  • The certificate and envelope are labeled at the same time (even if the shipment has already been inserted).
  • The certificate remains in its sleeve until it is delivered. The delivery agent only separates the two at the time of handover.
  • No annoying folding, inserting and fitting of the certificate.

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