What's the scariest thing in the Czech Republic

Devils, bloodsuckers, skeletonsThe scariest places in the world

A cemetery where you can meet the devil. A chandelier made from human bones. A haunted castle. For those who like to be scared on vacation, these goals are great - everyone else can at least dream away for a moment in the Halloween mood. BILD, the holiday pirates, hotels.com, Kurz-mal-weg.de and Travelcircus present the goals.

The ossuary in Sedlec (Czech Republic)

In the ossarium (charnel house) of the All Saints Church, pyramids, coats of arms, crosses and even chandeliers were made from human bones.

Once you have overcome your first shudder, you will discover artistic arrangements: the “candles” on the huge chandelier are made of skulls. And the coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg family, which is also composed of bones, shows, among other things, a raven picking out an eye from a fallen man. The skulls seem to be staring at the visitors.

40,000 people, victims of the Hussite wars and some plague epidemics, were once buried in Sedlec. Later - the church had burned down and fell into disrepair - the builder Frantisek Rint redesigned the ossuary and used the bones that he disinfected and bleached with chlorinated lime.

There are even night tours of the ossuary in the basement of the church Horror factor: 10/10.

Stull Cemetery in Kansas (USA)

A few gravestones, a ruined church and a lot of grass - there is not much more to see. But the place with just 20 inhabitants has a dark side. It is said that the cemetery is one of the seven gates to hell and that the devil rises from the depths on Halloween.

It was two tragedies that made Stull a place of horror. One concerned a farmer who burned down one of his fields and found a charred corpse on it - it was his son. The other has to do with a missing man who was later found hanged from a tree.

And then there is also a tree on which, it is said, witches were hanged, and a tombstone with the inscription "Wittich" standing close to the roofless church - Satan's child is supposed to be buried under it. People who visit the cemetery claim that rain never falls on the church ruins.

Horror factor: 10/10

Ghost forest in Nienhagen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

You should visit this forest on the Baltic Sea coast in cloudy, foggy weather. Then the tall, bare trees look like ghosts. And whoever walks the narrow paths involuntarily turns around again and again: Wasn't there a shadow? Did you hear the crack The forest, which borders directly on the beach, is about 100 meters wide and 1.3 kilometers long and consists of wind-ruffled oaks, beeches, hornbeams and ash trees that are up to 170 years old.

Horror factor: 8/10

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Beelitz-Heilstätten (Brandenburg)

The remnants of what was once the most modern clinic in the world look like backdrops from a horror film. Plants creep through broken windows and trees grow on some of the buildings.

The sanatoriums, which opened in 1902 and where lung diseases such as tuberculosis were treated, are among the most impressive “lost places” in Germany.

Horror factor: 5/10

Brocéliande forest (Brittany / France)

This forest plays an important role in the legend of Arthur and the magician Merlin. The name is a legend, but the forest of Paimport near Rennes is said to be a remnant of the mysterious forest. There are some megalithic complexes where you can see Merlin's tomb, the house of the fairy Viviane, the tomb of the giants and a guillotine oak. And the valley of no return where the fairy Morgaine is said to have kept unfaithful husbands.

Horror factor: 7/10

Adventure pool Basso (Saxony)

The Basso adventure pool in Bad Schmiedeberg near Leipzig was the first water park in East Germany and was very popular. But then similar pools were opened everywhere and Basso had to close in 2009. The buildings remained standing. Since then, the ravages of time have been gnawing at the building - a great lost place.