How has civilization helped us

Journalists once asked Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of Western civilization. Gandhi replied that it was a good idea.

I've read this anecdote several times and it always makes me smile because it's so revealing. Sometimes I also tend to adopt this western perspective, according to which the good and progressive ideas for the world were all developed here here. The other cultures should therefore orientate themselves towards us so that they are better off: technically, economically and socially. After all, achievements like human rights, the development of democratic forms of government and drugs like penicillin are among the benefits that have helped people around the world. But I find it arrogant to think that this is why our culture is superior to the others. The technical progress that we have produced has always made our wars more cruel. The two world wars also emerged from our so-called western civilization.

Mahatma Gandhi looked outside the box of his culture at an early age. For his doctrine of nonviolent resistance, he did not only orientate himself on his religion, but also on the Sermon on the Mount of the New Testament. He knows the pros and cons of his culture and that elsewhere. When he tells journalists that Western civilization is a good idea, he humbly and humorously sums up their arrogant demeanor. And he's right. Especially as a person of western culture, I never want to stop working on the civilization of our society. But that doesn't mean that I put my culture above the other cultures and impose them on them. I see the achievements of our culture and I want to get to know and take up the good of other cultures. Every day in my city I meet people from different cultures. At the moment I often notice people from Asian countries. I don't really know much about their civilization and I don't have to like everything that is different with them. But if I take a closer look, I see a lot of people with them who don't just pay attention to their personal happiness. When I first see my personal development, they first think of the community. I would like to cut a slice of this for myself. Because it also fits in with my western, often still Christian culture, if I don't want to outdo the others by competing, but rather have in mind that everyone participates in the good.