What is the function of the instrumentation


Conekt offers comprehensive instrumentation solutions for measuring and collecting data under real conditions. We operate in a wide variety of industries and have specialized in measurements in challenging and adverse environments, such as B .:

  • High temperature and pressure
  • Strong vibrations
  • noise
  • Electromagnetic interference

We not only offer instruments with and without contacts, but also large systems and miniature components:

  • Electronic test devices for special applications
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Instrument control systems
  • Product simulation and monitoring systems
  • Computer based systems
  • Electronics hardware design
  • Software development for embedded systems and PC systems
  • Design, manufacture and installation of sensors
  • Commissioning of installations and training on systems
  • Fiber optic sensors, engine components with strain gauges and fuel injection systems with integrated measuring coils are just a few of the miniature instruments that Conekt can manufacture for special testing purposes.

Together with our customers, our experienced instrument engineers and technology experts from the fields of sensors, electronics, hardware, software, electrical machines and control systems, we ensure outstanding performance.

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