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Hi Guys,

after a little while I need help because I couldn't find much that was helpful even with the search function. Briefly about my situation: I am currently working in the field and that is not my thing, I noticed. Now I would like to apply again, but less in the office area, as the office does not satisfy me in the long run. Yesterday I found an open position, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my professional experience. Now I have made an application that should set me apart from other applicants even without professional experience. In the middle main text I unfortunately don't know what to write in it. It's a completely different place.

Here is the cover letter:

Dear Mr. Huber,

“Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is.” This quote from Henry Ford encourages me to make my experience available in a professional realignment.

I heard about your job advertisement in the Amper-Kurier on February 28, 2016. So far, I have no experience in this area, but I am ready to quickly and efficiently familiarize myself with your specific tasks and processes with a willingness to learn and perform.

I am currently working as a consultant in the field on behalf of M-Net Telekommunikations GmbH.

After training as an office clerk, he became a junior office manager. The focus was placed on fleet management. During this time I was able to gain experience in the planning and procurement of vehicles and service providers. The creation of evaluations and various databases was one of my daily tasks.

In addition to a sense of duty, punctuality and reliability, my strengths include a friendly and polite demeanor.

In my professional practice it has been shown time and again that I can react quickly and flexibly to a wide variety of requirements and that I am very resilient in difficult situations.

I am very happy about the invitation to an interview.

! Thanks to you guys in advance for the help!