Who is responsible for the unborn baby?

What the unborn love

Music for the baby

Psst, the baby is listening. From the 26th week of pregnancy onwards, unborn babies perceive outside noises. For example, they learn to recognize the mother's voice. "The babies in the womb can also hear rhythms or melodies very dull. But the overtones are still missing," explains Professor Rainer Schönweiler, who heads the Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology Section at the Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Center.

However, scientists have not yet been able to clearly demonstrate how music affects the unborn. "It is conceivable that listening habits are already shaped in the stomach. That is why children in this country may react more to Western than to Asian music after birth," says Schönweiler.

The good news for all those who are not pregnant with classical music: The Mozart effect that classical music in the style of Mozart is supposed to make children wiser has not been proven either. His compositions have everything that favors neural programming - i.e. a comprehensible structure, fixed rhythms and repetitive melodies. But pop or rock music, for example, can also be on the baby playlist. After all, the mother's wellbeing also radiates to the unborn child.

Partner massage

Whether on a cozy Sunday morning in bed or after a long day at the office on the couch in the evening: let your partner gently massage your stomach. Enjoy the caresses and this intimate moment of togetherness, come to rest and switch off from the hectic everyday life. Because if you are well, your baby will feel well too! In addition, fathers can build a bond with their offspring even before they are born and consciously participate in the pregnancy.

By the way: the unborn child cannot only get used to the mother's voice. If the father speaks regularly in the direction of the baby bump, the chances are high that the child will remember it when it is born.