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Hitman 3: Find the helicopter key and the pilot

In Hitman 3 there are many challenges that you can unlock. In this guide we want to help you to find the helicopter key and the pilot.

You can find an overview of all instructions and trophies (achievements) in our Hitman 3 trophy guide.


Helicopter key and pilot location

Rotor Man - Dress up as the helicopter pilot.
Rotor ready - Get the helicopter key.

To complete these two challenges, you need to go to Helicopter landing pad walk. As soon as the Dubai Mission starts you have to climb into the building, from there you go up the grand staircase. You come to a large hall with many visitors / guests. In order to take the right path you first have to get a guards disguise, otherwise you won't get through unseen.

If you have a suitable disguise, go from the Great Hall to the right, up the stairs to the two white guards. Run past them and keep left, go through the glass door. Slightly to the left you can see a ladder, which is just before the ladder Helicopter key.

Now climb the ladder and you will see the helicopter. The wanted pilot stand behind the helicopter, overwhelm him and grab his disguise.

You can only use the helicopter key if you have completed all objectives in Dubai. As soon as both targets are eliminated, you can escape with the helicopter.