Can a hawk be tamed?

Can you tame the hawks

The hawks tame as a symbol for our being, for our way in dealing with the almost infinite possibilities that we have through our being.

“Visitors ask a hermit in the desert if he's not bored. But he assures that he has enough to do the whole day: “I have to tame two hawks, train two sparrowhawks, stop two hares, guard a snake, load a donkey and tame a lion!” - “But where are because your animals? ”the visitors ask curiously.


The wise man tells of his animals:


“The two hawks are the eyes that pounce on everything that moves. They are difficult to tame. The sparrowhawks, the birds of prey are our hands that grasp everything and don't want to let go of anything. The two hares that I have to stop are the feet that run up and away with us, hit hooks and leave us unsteady. The hardest thing is to tame the snake, i.e. the tongue. Even the enclosure of 32 teeth is powerless against a tongue. And then the donkey has to load our body. How often does he look like a beast of burden? If you overload him, he becomes stubborn and knocks out, no longer cooperates. And finally there is a lion, the king of animals, to tame the heart of man. The heart is a defiant and despondent thing. Huge powers slumber in him that want to be tamed for good.

- So I have enough to do all day. ""


What we do, what we leave behind, what we occupy ourselves with, what our thoughts are, what it looks like in our heart, all of this is up to our decision, consciously or unconsciously. To become aware of it and to use it mindfully in order to better recognize yourself.

Closing question

How do you deal with your hawks, sparrowhawks, rabbits, snakes, donkeys and lions? Do they rule you or do you rule them?