How deep is Mead Lake

Lake Mead

The panorama of Lake Mead offers an overwhelming mix of deserts, emerald green water, mountains and furrowed canyons like the Black Canyon. Bathing, hiking, kayaking, paddling, boat tours or relaxing strolls along the harbor promenades - in the oldest recreation and nature reserve in the USA, Lake Mead, relaxation and adventure seekers get their money's worth!

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How Lake Mead was created

The 177 km long Lake Mead was created by the construction of the Hoover Dam. The reservoir of the Colorado River is used for the controlled supply of water in Arizona, Nevada and California and the generation of electricity for the western United States. The most important reservoir in the United States is 149 meters deep and covers an area of ​​640 km². It's so important because the water is needed to supply southern California with potable water and to irrigate Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Lake Mead is named after Commissioner Elwood Mead, who was responsible for the "Boulder Canyon Project". This 1928 project was devoted to developing and protecting the Colorado River Basin. This in turn led to the construction of the Hoover Dam.

Directions: This is how you get to Lake Mead

You can reach Lake Mead via Boulder City and the Lake Mead Visitor Center (10 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005). From Las Vegas you drive on US 93 / US 95 towards Needles / Phoenix, through Boulder City and then turn left onto North Pierce Ferry Road. After 6 km you will reach the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. In total, you drive about 196 km from Las Vegas and it takes about 2 hours. Another option would be to drive northeast on N Las Vegas Blvd from Las Vegas towards E Ogden Ave, then turn right and continue on I-515 S / US-93 S / US-95 S, which follows it, until you get to the US-93 S and then just go straight on the Nevada Way to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. In total that's about 42 km, which takes about 30 minutes.

The best things to do on Lake Mead

Lake Mead attracts passionate sailors, anglers, swimmers and water-skiers with its many water sports. But the surrounding Mojave Desert also offers numerous opportunities to explore. The varied hiking trails in the region give you a unique impression of the primal forces that the rock formations have exposed over thousands of years and the diverse desert flora and fauna.

In the Alan Bible Visitor Center (601 Nevada Way, Boulder City) you can get information about the wildlife and the region, the special features of the sanctuary as well as books, maps and brochures for your stay, where you can take part in guided hikes, rent boats and canoes or can take part in organized boat trips. If you are traveling by camper, there are also many campsites available on Lake Mead that you can use for a fee of $ 20 per night. The visitor center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years when it is closed. If you just want to sunbathe, head to Boulder Beach via I-93 (Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City). Around the lake itself you have a wide range of activities:

Water sports on Lake Mead

Water sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth at Lake Mead! No matter whether you like kneeboarding, water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing - anything is possible on the water of Lake Mead. At the same time, you can also admire the view of the great Hoover Dam or the beauty of Lake Mead.

Water sports offers

Lake Mead boat tours

If you like leisurely boat trips, Lake Mead is a dream place for it. Here you can also rent boats yourself. You will explore the Black Canyon Gorge, marvel at the Hoover Dam from the water and admire the crystal clear waters of the lake.

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Hiking around Lake Mead

On the "Black Canyon River Adventure Tour" you hike about 19 km along the Colorado River past rock faces, waterfalls and discover the wonderful fauna. Maybe you will see a desert bighorn sheep or great blue heron there?

You can discover the impressive region around the lake on the "Black Canyon River Adventure Tour". The tour takes you on a guided expedition around 19 kilometers along the Colorado River. You hike through over 600 meter high rock walls, pass waterfalls, hot springs and geological wonders and experience the unique fauna of the region, such as desert bighorn sheep, ospreys and great blue herons.


On the other hand, on the tour to the Eldorado Canyon you can experience the history of the Wild West, because you dare to go underground. Let the "Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour" take you to the old Techatticup mine. This is where the miners mined gold a century ago.

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Overnight at Lake Mead: The Meadview Lake Hotel

The charming and small 3-star Meadview Lake Hotel with a view of Lake Mead is an absolute insider tip. Only ten high-quality rooms in a comfortable country house style can be booked here. Here you have no luxury, but the peace and quiet and the breathtaking view of the Black Canyon and its rugged mountain slopes.

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