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Seller salary: hourly wages in retail

The average wage in sales is between EUR 12 and EUR 14 an hour, depending on the industry. The tasks in sales are wide-ranging, ranging from customer advice and product labeling / presentation to receiving pre-orders and complaints. Since you act as a salesperson in this job and have a lot of customer contact, it is important that you have strong communication skills and enjoy dealing with people. Depending on the sales talent and the company, you can also increase your wages with a performance-based commission.

Average wages of salespeople depending on the industry

The hourly wages are based on experience and can vary greatly depending on the specific job.

InStaff's lowest hourly wage is EUR 10.50. On average, salespeople at InStaff earn between EUR 12 and EUR 14 an hour, with wages heavily depending on the industry. There is a higher wage depending on the requirement profile and the qualifications, as well as the experience. As a rule, salespeople work 8 hours a day, with wages of around 96 to 112 EUR per day to be expected.

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Hourly retail wages at InStaff

The distribution of the hourly wages of salespeople who have been brokered through InStaff.

The graphic shows the hourly earnings of salespeople who have been referred through InStaff.

  1. The average wage for a salesperson is around EUR 13 an hour.
  2. The highest hourly wage was 30 EUR for a job that was advertised over 4 days.
  3. In more than half of all jobs, as a salesperson, you earn between EUR 12 and EUR 16 an hour.
  4. With around 18 percent of all jobs, you have the opportunity to earn more than EUR 20 if the jobs last a longer period of time and / or if they are emergency jobs.

Seller salary depends on various factors

The wages mentioned above are average values ​​or empirical values. This means that the earnings of salespeople can vary greatly. The wage depends on the requirement profile, the industry and the qualifications.

In the food industry, a salesperson earns relatively less in comparison to the home accessories / small furniture industry and the clothing industry. This is due to the fact that little or no sales calls are required in this industry. In general, no active customer advice is required in this industry and therefore the requirement profile is not that high. The food industry is an excellent entry point into sales at InStaff. Nevertheless, you can also expect higher wages here if you have already gained experience in the sector. In addition, you can score points with the IfSG instruction, because with an IfSG instruction you have the opportunity to work for tastings or to help out behind the cheese counter in the supermarket.

In contrast, in the areas of home accessories / small furniture and clothing, InStaff expects a certain amount of conversation, customer advice and sales talks. Relevant experience pays off here through higher wages. Many of our customers - and we at InStaff - appreciate the experience we have gained in sales, as training is easier and you are already familiar with many other activities. If you have already gained work experience, you can expect an average hourly wage that is higher than the average. Some companies also reward good sales skills with success-based commissions.

Increase retail wages with the following options

  • Work on commission
  • Working with IfSG instruction
  • Work as a jumper
  • Gather relevant experience
Work on commission

In the areas of home accessories / small furniture and clothing, depending on the company, the opportunity to work on commission may arise. This means that your sales skills are also rewarded with a commission. For example, you successfully sold a certain amount of a product and thereby helped the company achieve its sales goals for the month. This results in an additional fee for you. The amount of the commission depends on the customer.

Working with IfSG instruction

InStaff offers numerous jobs in the food sector that involve contact with food. For these jobs it is important to be able to show a health certificate in order to be able to prevent communicable diseases, as well as to recognize infections at an early stage and to prevent further training (further information on the health certificate). If you have a health certificate and are applying for jobs in the food sector, you have a good chance of being booked and on average earn 1 to 2 EUR more than without a health certificate.

Work as a jumper

Do you already have a lot of experience in different areas of retail and are you versatile? Then you have the opportunity to work as a jumper, which is a diverse and demanding task because you will be employed as an “all-rounder”. Within a few hours you have to do a lot of different activities, be it cashing in, restocking goods or helping out in sales. This task requires a lot of responsibility, which is why this work is also remunerated with a higher hourly wage. Here you can expect a surcharge of 2 - 3 EUR per hour.

Gather relevant experience

You have gained a lot of relevant experience in sales and have been positively rated by our customers. Then you can expect a surcharge of 1 - 2 EUR per hour for your other jobs. If you haven't had any sales experience yet, InStaff can apply for sales jobs in the food sector. Experience has shown that the requirement profile in this area is not as high as compared to the other two areas. A suitable starting wage is between 10 and 11 EUR per hour. If you have already completed the first two to three jobs in sales and you have received positive customer feedback, you can state a higher hourly wage for the next jobs.

Activities in sales

The tasks of a salesperson are very diverse, depending on the requirements, there is the possibility to work at the cash register, on the sales floor as a consultant or as a stockist.

Cashing in

When doing cashier work, you should always follow the cashier's instructions and keep an eye on the store's current (discount) promotions. Cashing is a responsible task, as you are responsible for the cash drawer and thus for the change for the entire period of cashing. At the end of the day, a cash report is created that shows whether the total is correct or whether there are any differences.

Put away goods

Another common task of a salesperson in retail is to put away the goods. During the activity, the goods are put in the designated places, such as shelves, clothes rails or tables. When putting away, it is important to pay attention to the number of goods so that the shelves are not overcrowded.

Tasting or advice in retail

During the tasting or the consultation you are in direct contact with customers, so it is important to leave a friendly impression. Give every customer a friendly and open smile. When communicating with the customer, you should advise him competently and politely and give the customer his freedom. If you want to work as a taster in the supermarket, you need to be instructed in accordance with the Infection Protection Act (further information on the instruction).

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