What is your ambition for the future

How do you see your future?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

What do you want to achieve in the future? Where would you like to be professionally in five / ten years?
How do you see your future? What are your goals?

This is meant

This is where your professional ambition and motivation should be explored. In most cases, a healthy willingness to perform, a will for advancement and a career awareness appropriate to the position are expected. Your answer will be measured by whether your ideas are realistic. As a career-obsessed high-flyer who is after the executive chair, or as an ambitious recipient of orders, who is satisfied with what he has, you have no chance.

This is how you should answer

It is important that you recognize the ulterior motive on which this question is based: Your interlocutor also wants to rule out that you are merely using the position as a springboard to find other orientations after a short time, and that you proceed according to the principle with your application are "main job". Here, too, the relationship between your answer and the point in question is crucial. If you are not sure about the prospects that you have, you can answer the question: "What career opportunities would I have in your company?" cleverly pull out of the affair. But watch out: Under no circumstances should you have missed any hints from your interlocutor, which you can use to set goals for your future advancement!

In your considerations, you should also take into account that a lot can happen in our fast-paced world, so that unexpected career opportunities can arise in every respect. In many companies, hierarchical levels are increasingly being dismantled, and professional development is therefore not necessarily associated with promotion. And with the increasing importance of project teams, competence and experience are also mostly rewarded outside of hierarchies. So show your will for professional advancement, but do not commit yourself to a certain position from the start. With an answer like: "My primary concern is to achieve good work results. I have the best opportunity to do this in your company. Everything else follows from this." So you are spot on. If you also succeed in producing exemplary possible work results based on the job profile, you have won here.


Your answer to this standard question should show that you have professional goals and want to get ahead, while being realistic and flexible at the same time. And: Show that you, as a motivated employee, are confident about your professional career.

Questions about work ethic and motivation