What is the future tense of doing

The future tense I - getting to know tenses

Are you talking about thatFuture forms in German? In this learning text we go one step further in our learning series on the Tempora of Germans, you will learn everything important about the tense hereFuture tense I.. It is important that you use verbs correctly in different tenses can put. So read the following text carefully and then you are fit in terms of future I.

Use of the future tense I.

The future tense basically expresses an event or action in the future. You can do that Future tense I. and use the future tense II. If you would like to know more about the future tense II, then read on in the learning text for the tense future tense II.

As just mentioned, both future tense tenses express an event or action in the future. For the future tense I still exist more usesthat we will explain to you now:

Prediction and Announcement

With the future tense I we can express something that will happen in the future. We predict or announce it. Of course we can be wrong because we are just expecting it.

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It will rain tomorrow.

It will be cold on vacation.

There will come a situation in which I have to help you one day.

Intention or promise

When we give someone a promise want to give about a future event or situation, then we write in the future I.

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I'll be there.

I will do my best.


Do you want someone to express something? prompt, then you can also do this in the future tense I.

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You will go to him right now and apologize.

Are you going to quit?

A guess and an expectation

If we suspect or expect something, we can write it in the future tense I.

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He'll probably be asleep for a long time.

The train will have already arrived in Hamburg.

Now that you have got to know the different ways of using it, you will now learn more about the formation of the future tense I.