What makes you desirable

This is how you become a desirable man

You can see her in the office, on the train or at night in the club and ask yourself: “How on earth do these guys do that?” We're talking about desirable men who love women's hearts. The same game can be observed over and over again: like the moths the light, women seem to seek proximity to these masculine "light figures" without them having to do anything special or look like George Clooney. What's going on there?

We can tell you one thing here:

It doesn't primarily matter what these hotly courted men do or don't do, but what they do are!

What we mean by that, we would like to explain to you below. We will also show you how you too can become this women's magnet.

What distinguishes a desirable man? 9 times wise:

Male attractiveness is not rocket science, but can be easily explained with the personality of these Casanovas. Simply put, irresistible men have exactly what women want. But what do women want? Many great philosophers have racked their brains over this question. In our coaching sessions, however, we have repeatedly made the observation that there are a handful of male characteristics that most women are into:

1. Active life

First of all, the man who does not make women the focus of his life and therefore does not appear needy and weak is desirable. The man who is interesting for women doesn't have that much time for the opposite sex either, because he is busy with his hobbies and travels through world history. So lead an active life with many hobbies, regardless of whether you are learning to play the guitar, hiking through the Alps or working on an electric cutting machine for cucumbers in your inventor's basement.

2. Social skills

The attractive man is really not a wallflower to hide at home. Rather, he is constantly looking for contact with people and feels comfortable in their company. Through his regular dealings with others, he has mastered the fine art of conversation and can entertain people - without making himself a clown. Often you see these men joining a group and quickly becoming the center of attention, because with their jokes and interesting stories they cast a spell over the bystanders.

To further develop your social skills, you should switch off the Playstation or put the book aside and mingle with the crowd. Learn to have stimulating conversations with other people - with the cashier in the supermarket, the pretty girl at the house party and the smart washing machine seller in your trusted electronics store.

3. Determination

Whether professionally or privately: A real man knows what he wants, sets himself specific goals and pursues them consistently until he has finally achieved them at some point. He walks this path with courage and confidence, even if other people put stones in his way and he has to fight his way to the summit alone with the greatest effort.

Particularly interesting for women are men who have a real mission in life that they stand up for. Examples of such great personalities are men like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or Bill Gates, but you can of course also start a size smaller first. So get up from the sofa at home and set your sights on personal goals, whether it's your motorcycle license, you want to save Africa or work on your first million in your account.

Reaching your goal also means fulfilling your heart's desires. An ambitious man will always do what is necessary to meet his needs. He therefore has no problem with asking for an extra portion of ketchup in a restaurant or, on a larger scale: speaking to strange beauties and getting to know them in order to get exactly the women he wants in his life.

4. Independence

Most men are highly dependent on their wives and express this in their behavior. They try desperately to please their loved ones and not to say anything "wrong" - for fear of losing them. Or they run as unhappily in love men after a bewitching beauty for months, even though the situation is obviously hopeless. They believe that without this lady they will no longer be able to be happy in their life. Paradoxically, however, it is precisely submission and panic clinging that lead women to flee.

A strong man, on the other hand, knows that he will first find the happiness he longs for in himself. Big cars, mansions and pretty women are a nice bonus, which he can do without in a pinch, because he finds enough joy in himself. Through this attitude of unconditional self-love you develop true independence, which is also extremely attractive to women Find.

5. Leadership

Men should confidently lead and lead the way in life so their wives can follow them. This has nothing to do with oppression or paternalism, because women love it when they can let themselves go and put the helm in the hand of the man. This is mainly about everyday situations. Suggest where you're going to have dinner tonight, what movie you're about to watch, or what great travel destination is next. So you also provide a sparkling change and tear the lady out of her gray everyday life.

But not only towards his female companion, the attractive man is also often the leader in groups of men and shows the others where to go. Women recognize these so-called "alpha males" as the lead wolves of the pack and are magically attracted by them. Because such a leader makes it clear to the woman that he is strong and can protect her!

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6. Honesty

A desirable man leads a sincere and honest life. Outwardly, he expresses his true opinion towards women and all other people. He does this even if he takes a risk and possibly encounters opposition, is branded as a troublemaker and is left alone with his opinion. So he has no problem with openly contradicting a woman if he ever disagrees with her.

And that's exactly what makes him so interesting for the opposite sex. Because women hate it when a man turns out to be the flag in the wind and bends beyond recognition just to please his beloved. Those who drop their convictions so quickly appear cowardly, inauthentic and boring. So don't be afraid to contradict her every now and then on a date. That doesn't make you unsympathetic - on the contrary, it shows your masculine steadfastness!

7. Respect

Attractive men treat other people with respect, but also demand the same for themselves. They set clear boundaries for women and do not allow them to be treated badly by the opposite sex. Not even if this seems to be the greatest woman in the world. She's already way too late for the date again, makes fun of you in front of her friends, or keeps interrupting you while you're talking? Then tell her that too! In times when effeminate men let their wives degrade them to docile slaves, lap dogs or doormats, such a self-confident demeanor is particularly attractive.

8. feeling

How many men there are who do not express their feelings, but go through life with a petrified heart! Many men think they have to be "cool" because they learned it from Hollywood westerns and action films. However, these cinematic portrayals of heroes à la James Bond are not realistic. We can tell you from our own experience: A woman will certainly not feel comfortable and secure next to a block of ice. Many men also lack emotionality because they work in scientific or technical professions or tend to be pensive in general and are therefore simply too cerebral.

So your job is to open yourself to more emotions in the future. Throw the cool macho from movies inside and deal with emotional things like music and literature. In this way you gradually learn to convey a lot of feeling and warmth when dealing with women in order to end up with them. If you look otherwise masculine, such a soulful charisma is irresistible.

9. Sexuality

It really is not easy for men these days, because society too often labels them as drive-controlled and perverted. This goes so far that many no longer dare to flirt with women - for fear of being seen as a “lusty pig”. The price they pay for it: They fail to express their sexual interest in their loved one and then become the famous "best buddy".

A self-confident man, on the other hand, stands by his - all too human and completely normal - sexual needs and also expresses them to the woman. So don't be afraid to tell the woman from the first moment you meet, clearly but charmingly, that you are into her. Compliments about her sexy figure and smile, which makes you feel very weak, are also good.

I would like to know more about it ...

Mind you, there are more qualities that characterize desirable women who understand women. A lot more could also be said about the points mentioned above. But the topic of masculinity is a broad field and every man has different "construction sites" that he would like to work on.

In coaching, our students therefore always have the opportunity to ask everything they want to know about male attractiveness. In the flirting workshop we are happy to deepen all aspects that our students literally burn under the nails.

Why is it so important to learn these masculine qualities?

Women check their admirers carefully for these male qualities, and if the results are positive, they will not let you go any more! You should learn all of the mentioned characteristics of an attractive man if you want to become a heartthrob.

And one more thing: there is no point in faking these properties. Why? Women as the allegedly "weaker sex" are biologically programmed to recognize truly strong men with precision, to bind them to themselves and thus to make them their personal bodyguards. In the distant past (when we all lived in caves) their survival depended on these protectors. So they have very fine antennae for male characteristics and quickly notice when you are playing something for them. So you have no choice but to really train yourself the qualities of the attractive man. The fastest way to do this is through coaching, as we will show you in the next part of the article.

How do I become a desirable man?

That sounds all very well, you will now say, but how do I become the man who magically attracts women? One thing is clear: the male traits that are so sought-after do not fall from the sky. You can't buy them in the supermarket either. You have to fight for it step by step by working on yourself and developing your personality.

That can be pretty tough work. Before they find their way to us for coaching, many men have had a real odyssey behind them. They've read books, watched DVDs, endured hypnosis sessions, meditated, done NLP exercises, and tried other lazy spells that didn't help. At least not in such a way that a rapid development became visible that would have motivated them to stick with it. Such slow progress usually leads to frustration after a few weeks and books or DVDs are then thrown angrily into the corner at the latest. The goal of getting to know wonderful women then seems further away than ever.

Why many men fail to achieve their goals and stay single

The reason why many men hit the wall with this is that not all magic methods turn an enchanted frog into a Prince Charming. The real problem with this self-help, however, is the famous “blind spot”: Most people seeking advice do not recognize the deficits of their own masculinity. That's why they don't know what exactly they have to work on to finally become one of those coveted types that drives women crazy. So they are constantly poking around in the fog without taking any significant step forward with their personality development.

What happens in coaching?

The fresh look from the outside by an experienced coach helps to identify precisely those deficits in masculinity that you cannot see yourself. In addition, the trainer observes in coaching how his student flirts with strange women and notices:

  • What mental state is his student in (motivated, nervous, anxious, in a good mood, etc.)
  • Whether and how he addresses women
  • The way he talks to women
  • At which points the women react negatively or leave the conversation with the student
  • Whether the student can be unsettled by such baskets
  • And much more …

In this way, the coach gets a precise picture of his student and knows which aspects of masculinity he has to develop in order to quickly become successful with women.

Clear blockages in a targeted manner - for rapid progress!

The coach is then also the one who loosens the inner brake pads of his student so that he can really pick up speed. For this purpose, he gives the future woman whisperer specific tasks for flirting, which are individually tailored to his problem areas. In this way, the crucial blockages are removed and the most important aspects of his own masculinity are trained further. First, quick experiences of success with women motivate to continue practicing and set a real upward spiral in motion!

In this way, the difficult path to becoming a coveted man is drastically shortened. Many of our students overcome their fear of addressing women on the first day and can approach them with confidence. Some manage to get women excited about themselves in conversation in the shopping street and even get one or the other mobile phone number to arrange a date.

A prerequisite for such success is a trusting and coordinated cooperation between the student and the coach. That is why we always take the necessary time to get to know our students exactly and to coordinate the objectives with them. Our experience and the positive feedback from former students show that the coaching methods work!

Looking back, we are also very satisfied to have helped so many men achieve their true masculinity in coaching, which has made them real women heroes.

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