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Biodiesel - advantages and disadvantages of the alternative fuel

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Biodiesel - a real alternative?

Biofuels becoming more and more important. The raw material crude oil, from which fuels are made with which we can power our vehicles, will not be available to us forever.

So that we can still remain mobile in the future, the development of alternative fuels - for example LPG and bioethanol - is being promoted. Another fuel that has been available in Germany for a long time is the so-called Biodiesel.

But what exactly is biodiesel and what is it made of? How is it going Biodiesel production from? Can I use biodiesel whole just refuel? These and other questions are answered in the following guide.

FAQ: biodiesel

What is biodiesel made from?

Information on production can be found here.

Can you save with biodiesel?

Since the taxes on biodiesel have been raised, this alternative fuel hardly offers any financial advantages over regular diesel.

Can biodiesel be used in any diesel vehicle?

No, you should only fill up with this fuel if the vehicle manufacturer explicitly allows it. If the fuel is filled incorrectly, this can damage the components.

Biodiesel - The Production

Biodiesel - sometimes it will Agro-diesel called - is mostly made from vegetable oil. In Germany this is mainly about oil that comes from Rapeseed was won. In Southeast Asia, however, mainly palm oil is used, in North America mostly soybean oil. However, other products such as Used food and animal fats be used.

In the production of biodiesel, rapeseed oil is used in one chemical process Methanol mixed in. Potassium or sodium hydroxide serves as a catalyst. The mixture is then heated. After this process that too Transesterification is called, two phases have formed: on the one hand, biodiesel - also Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester (RME) called - and on the other hand glycerine.

It is often criticized that biodiesel and its production a lot of biomass remains unused. Only the grains are used, but not the rape straw and the seeds.

If you want to produce biodiesel, you now have to separate the two phases. The Biodiesel phase is then washed and dried by distillation. With this last step the manufacturing is completed.

The process of transesterification in biodiesel ensures that the viscosity and Ignitability of the fuel can be adapted to that of normal diesel and can thus be used as fuel. However, biodiesel needed Additives, so additives, so that it is also suitable for winter and with Temperatures down to minus 20 ° C can be used.

You can also use pure vegetable oil (usually rapeseed oil) that has not been subjected to the transesterification process. However, the use of pure oil from rapeseed is not possible for all diesel vehicles. More modern vehicles have to be converted for this.

Producing biodiesel from algae - is that possible?
Biofuels can also be made from algae, but they are Process not yet fully developed. Energy from algae cannot yet be generated cost-effectively. But at the moment intensively researched on itto make algae usable for the production of biofuels.

Biodiesel - which car is it suitable for?

The use of biodiesel is not without further ado for each vehicle as Replacement for normal diesel fuel possible. The alternative fuel may only be used if one Approval by the vehicle manufacturer is present. Biodiesel attacks certain plastics, car paints and non-ferrous metals and can therefore cause them to Problems with the vehicle to lead.

Refueling your diesel vehicle incorrectly can result in damage.

Biodiesel in Germany - a downward trend

For a long time you could buy pure biodiesel at many petrol stations. For a while the substitute for normal diesel fuel was also available very popular. This was favored by the fact that the price of biodiesel was well below normal gasoline prices. By successive tax increases since 2007 these have been Price differences however canceled.

The importance of alternative fuel has for this reason greatly decreased. If you want to buy pure biodiesel, this is just an option few gas stations possible in Germany.

Biodiesel as an additive to normal diesel

Even if pure biodiesel is hardly available, it is still used. In many countries it will normal diesel in a certain proportion added. Seven percent biodiesel has been added to diesel in Germany since 2009. This fuel is called "B7“And is for all diesel vehicles harmless. Such fuel mixtures also exist with gasoline. E10 petrol has been available in Germany since 2011. This is gasoline to which 10 percent bioethanol has been added.

However, you should make sure you have one regularly To carry out an oil change, as the added biodiesel can lead to the The lubricity of the engine oil decreases. You can find further information on this in the operating instructions for your vehicle or ask the manufacturer.

Take total alternative energies but one always more important role a - these include geothermal energy, hydropower, solar and wind energy.
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Biodiesel - advantages and disadvantages of the alternative fuel
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  1. Biodiesel should be less harmful than normal -D and there would be no CO2 emissions?
    If I burn a (C) carbon, CO2 is always produced. Not like here.

    • Relatively simple.
      The CO2 content that arises when biodiesel is burned is the same as that which is absorbed when the plant grows. This makes biodiesel CO2 neutral.