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Health risk for teachers from rapid tests in schools? State teachers' council: Remonst!

POTSDAM. After primary schools, the other schools in many countries open on Monday. This is to be flanked with corona rapid tests among students and teachers. But concerns are growing. Take Brandenburg as an example - there the state teachers' council wrote a letter to Education Minister Ernst (SPD). «Concerned teachers at over 900 schools should try test kits on pupils of concerned parents without training, further training or instruction. There is nothing to be seen here of a successful cooperation », it says in it. "The concern that all those involved in the school, especially the school administrators, will be overburdened and cannot be compensated for is real."

A few days before the corona rapid tests begin as widely as possible in schools in Brandenburg, criticism of the strategy is growing. The state teachers' council has concerns about the handling of the tests, but also warns of a health risk. On Monday comprehensive schools, high schools and high schools open for alternating lessons between school and home. The primary schools have been open for this since February 22nd. The first 300,000 self-tests for teachers and students should start on Monday, if possible in all schools, to accompany the opening.

"As pedagogically trained staff, we do not see ourselves in a position to guide all students to medical measures," wrote the state teachers' council to Education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD) in a letter. "A test in school requires that the students sit together without a mask in a room that, at current temperatures, cannot be ventilated for the entire test period." Medical staff who carry out tests always wear protective clothing - but this does not exist in schools. "The danger for the teachers is increased even further because the self-tests (probably against a signature) have to be picked up and given to all students, although otherwise we pay close attention to the prohibition of exchanging and borrowing."

"Teachers are neither doctors nor medical staff or pharmacists"

The state teachers' council fears chaos from the tests: “It can be assumed that on the first two school days of each week, the first two lessons are regularly canceled due to testing, and therefore the same subjects will always be affected. It is also to be expected that if a positive result occurs, proper school operations can no longer be carried out, since the pupils not only react affected, but the teachers must try to avoid stigmatization. In addition, each school must have additional staff available to separate the pupils in such a case, inform the parents and supervise the pupils to be isolated until their parents arrive. These staff are not available for regular lessons or emergency care. "

The regional council, which represents the interests of the teachers, calls on the colleges on its homepage to consider a remonstration. "Teachers are i. d. R neither medical professionals nor medical staff or pharmacists who are authorized to manufacture a medical device for the end user. As civil servants, we have to remonstrate with our superiors, that is: According to the provisions of civil service law, the civil servant must check his / her official acts for their legality, ”it says.

"Dear teachers, please also inform your colleagues so that they too do not commit any unlawful acts"

And further: “If he has concerns about the legality of an instruction, he must remonstrate with his immediate superior, i. H. object to the execution of the instruction. If the immediate superior confirms the instruction and the concerns of the civil servant have not been resolved, the civil servant must contact the next higher superior. The officer has no discretion here. If the next higher superior (the superior of the superior of the remonstrating officer) confirms the order, the officer has to carry it out. "This duty of obedience does not apply to the officer, however, if he would commit a criminal offense or an administrative offense by following the instruction. "Dear teachers, please also inform your colleagues so that they too do not commit any unlawful acts." The remonstration is considered to be the sharpest form of protest in civil service law.

The education and science union (GEW) and the parents' council in Brandenburg fear that the test options provided up to now will not be enough. Education Minister Ernst rejected the concerns on Thursday. She said 2.6 million rapid tests should be available by the summer vacation - if more is needed, more will be bought. She also referred to experiences schools have had with positive corona tests. The left faction in the state parliament called on school nurses to accompany students and teachers through the pandemic. News4teachers / with material from the dpa

Before school opens on Monday: chaos over corona rapid tests for students and teachers! How should they work? Who takes it off?