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The San Francisco Bay Area: Explore Palo Alto

The San Francisco Bay Area: Explore Palo Alto in a self-organized way

Palo Alto

Most tourists who get lost in northern California are guaranteed to make a stopover in San Francisco and see the numerous sights from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz. But the San Francisco Bay Area has a lot more to offer, such as a vacation in Palo Alto ?!

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, you will meet the American educational elite here. Many of them have had an excellent education and, thanks to start-ups, have quickly made a lot of money with their creative ideas. But what do you care as a vacationer? Palo Alto is the seat of many well-known companies, such as Facebook and Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple, lives here. So Palo Alto has made a name for itself as one of the most expensive cities in the US in terms of cost of living. But what else is there to see for vacationers besides geniuses and large corporations?

Palo Alto is also home to the famous Stanford University, whose campus is 27 times the size of Disneyland. But the campus is not only impressive because of its size, but also because of its beauty. From the central train station there are free shuttle buses that anyone can use and that take you to the Stanford campus. There you can walk past the really beautiful buildings between palm trees and overhear the CEOs of tomorrow at their small group meetings. From the Hoover Tower you have a perfect overview of the entire campus for $ 2 and a nice student explains the whole building to you.

But in Palo Alto you can not only stroll, but also eat well. Many of the restaurants are located either on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto or in the Stanford Shopping Center, which is one of the nicest in northern California, not just because of its selection. But even those who prefer cheap fast food will find what they are looking for in Palo Alto. Round table pizza tastes uniquely good and at great prices.

And if you find it too boring in Palo Alto, you can easily jump into the Caltrain, which makes many stops from San Francisco to Gilroy. It takes between 40 minutes and a good hour to get to San Francisco, depending on whether you take the express train. Otherwise, Palo Alto can also be explored by bike.

So plan a little time on your next California trip to take a look around outside of San Francisco! Only when you organize such a trip yourself do you really get to know the country and its people. I hope the article about my self-organized trip gave you some inspiration.