Draupadi had daughters

Chapter 82 - The speech of the Draupadi

Vaisampayana said:
When the daughter of King Drupada, Draupadi with long black curls, tormented by great grief, heard these promising words of the king, which were full of virtue and gain, she praised Sahadeva and the mighty car-warrior Satyaki, and turned to Madhava who was sitting near her. And considering Bhimasena's declaration for peace, the wise lady, overwhelmed by her worries, said with tearful eyes:

Oh Madhu Slayer, you know, oh strong-armed man, by what deceitful means the son of Dhritarashtra and his advisors robbed the Pandavas of their happiness. You also know, oh descendant of the Dasarhas, what message Sanjaya personally conveyed to the king. You also heard everything that was said to Sanjaya. Oh Bright One, they were words like this: "Give us at least five villages, namely Avishthala, Vrikasthala, Makandi, Varanavata and any fifth." Oh Kesava, this was the message that was brought to Duryodhana and his advisors. But when Duryodhana heard those words from Yudhishthira, who is humble and striving for peace, he did not act accordingly.

Oh Krishna, if Duryodhana only wants peace without surrendering the kingdom, there is no need to go there to make such a peace. O strong-armed, the Pandavas along with the Srinjayas are undoubtedly able to withstand the ferocious and angry Dhritarashtra host. If they are no longer accessible to the arts of reconciliation, then it is hardly appropriate, O Madhu destroyer, that you should show them mercy. Those enemies, O Krishna, with whom peace cannot be made by reconciliation or gifts, should be treated with severity by one who loves his life. Therefore the punishment should be severe, and it should deserve to be met soon, and that through you, oh strong-armed Achyuta, with the help of the Pandavas and the Srinjayas. Verily, that is what the sons of Pritha should do to your glory. And when done, O Krishna, it will be a source of great happiness for all Kshatriyas. Whoever is so full of desire, whether he is a Kshatriya or of any other caste, except of course a Brahmin, should undoubtedly be defeated by a Kshatriya who is loyal to the duties of his caste. The exception for a brahmin, oh Lord, is because the brahmin is the teacher of all other castes and everything is sustained by him.

The scribes declare, O Janardana, that the sin of killing accumulates only in innocent victims. On the other hand, the same sin arises when the guilty go unpunished. Therefore, O Krishna, act with the forces of the Pandavas and the Srinjayas in such a way that this sin does not affect you. With the fullest confidence in you, oh Janardana, I will repeat what has already been said many times. Was there ever another woman on earth, oh Kesava, who went such a way? I am the daughter of King Drupada who rose from the sacrificial altar. I am the sister of Dhrishtadyumna who is your dear friend, oh Krishna. Through this marriage I am a lady in the tribe of Ajamida, the daughter-in-law of the famous Pandu. I am the Queen of the Pandu Sons, who shine in their glory like five Indras. Through these five heroes I also gave birth to five sons who became mighty chariot warriors, and who, like Abhimanyu, are all linked in their virtue to you, O Krishna. As such, O Krishna, I was grabbed by the hair, dragged before the congregation, and deeply offended in the eyes of the Pandu sons. While you, O Kesava, are present in this world, and the sons of Pandu, the Panchalas and Vrishnis are still alive, I have been exposed to the staring gaze of the whole congregation and treated like a slave by those sinful evildoers. And when the Pandavas sat idle and controlled their anger, I cried out to you in my desperate heart, oh Govinda: “Save me! Oh, save me! ". Then the famous King Dhritarashtra, my father-in-law, said to me: “Wish you a blessing, O Princess of Panchala. You deserve a blessing and even the honor from my hands. ”When addressed in this way, I replied:“ Let the Pandavas be free people with their chariots and weapons! ”Oh Kesava, the Pandavas were set free, but only to be banished into the forests .

Oh Janardana, you know all these worries about me. Save me, O lotus-eyed man, with my husbands and loved ones and relatives from this grief. Morally, O Krishna, I am the daughter-in-law of both Bhishma and Dhritarashtra. Even so, I was forcibly made a slave. Shame on the mastery of Arjuna as an archer, oh shame on the heroism of Bhimasena, because Duryodhana, oh Krishna, is still alive ever since. If I deserve any favor from your hands, if you have compassion for me, then may your anger, O Krishna, be directed against the sons of Dhritarashtra.

Vaisampayana continued:
After these words, the beautiful Draupadi, with her large, dark lotus eyes full of tears, approached the lotus-eyed Krishna like a cow elephant. Then with her left hand she took hold of her beautiful, dark hair with the curly ends, which smelled of perfume and had all excellent properties, and which, despite the tied braid, was still soft and shone like a mighty snake.

And Draupadi spoke the following words:
O lotus-eyed one who cares for peace with the enemy. May you in all your deeds call into your mind these curls of mine, which were gripped by the rough hands of Dushasana! Oh Krishna, if Bhima and Arjuna humiliate themselves to such an extent that they ask for peace, then my father, who has grown old, with his sons of war experience, will avenge me in battle. And also my five sons, who are endowed with great energy, will fight against the Kauravas under the leadership of Abhimanyu, oh Madhu destroyer. For what peace should my heart find until I see the black arm of Dushasana separated from his torso and crumbled to dust? I have passed thirteen long years in anticipation of better times, and I have hidden my anger in my heart like a smoldering fire. But now my heart wants to break, pierced by the words of Bhima, because this strong-armed hero suddenly turns his eyes to morality!

Vaisampayana continued:
After the large-eyed Draupadi had spoken these words in a tear-choked voice, she began to cry loudly and sobbing, and the tears streamed down her cheeks. And the lady with the round hips began to drench her full bosom with tears, which she shed like hot fire. Thereupon the strong-armed Kesava spoke with comforting words:

Soon, oh Draupadi, you will see all the ladies of the Bharata clan weep as you do. They will all, oh fearful ones, mourn their loved ones and friends who have been killed. Because those two with whom you are angry now, oh lady, have already beaten their men who will soon go into battle. Through Bhima, Arjuna and the twins, on the orders of Yudhishthira and affirmed by fate, as well as determined by the great ruler, I will accomplish all of this. If they do not listen to my words, their hour will soon come and the sons of Dhritarashtra will sink to the earth and serve as food for the dogs and jackals. The mountains of Himavat may change sides, the earth itself could split into hundreds of pieces, the whole firmament with its myriad of stars may fall, but my words can never be in vain. Quiet your tears and believe me, oh Draupadi, soon you will see your enemies defeated and your husbands crowned with prosperity.