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Cricket scandal shakes Australia: "Throw them all out!"

Cricket was considered a gentlemen's sport with a high fair play factor. Until last weekend. Australian folk heroes cheated in front of the cameras. The country is ashamed, the government is “bitterly disappointed”. The fraudsters crawl to the cross, but have gambled away all credit.

The masterminds behind the unfair action have now admitted the attempt to manipulate a test match in Cape Town against South Africa last weekend. Batsman Cameron Bancroft was caught by the television cameras when he took a small yellow object from his pocket and stroked the ball with it. The 25-year-old later confessed at a press conference that it was apparently about sandpaper.

An absolute no-go

He wanted to use it to pick up coarse stones on the edge of the field and rub the ball with them to give it a better grip. This is strictly forbidden according to the rules. The intention behind it: The trajectory of the ball should be influenced.

Australia's Captain Steve Smith said the team leaders had the idea over lunch to manipulate in this way. The coaches would not have known about it. Smith said he was "not at all proud" of the action. "It won't happen again, I promise," he added.

The soul of the people cooks: «deceiver» and «shame»

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull describes the scandal as a "shocking disappointment". "It was previously unimaginable that the Australian cricket team could be involved in a fraud case." The sport stands in a special way for the idea of ​​fair play.

Australian newspapers subsequently ran the headlines in bold letters "Fraudster" or "Shame" and demanded: «Throw them all out!»

Under the title: “How Australian cricket imploded in South Africa”, the high-circulation “Guardian” provides a chronology of the so-called “temper gate” (referring to “ball tempering”, ie the attempt to manipulate the trajectory of the cricket ball ). An outcry of unimagined proportions spreads across the entire Commenwealth.

Tearful press conference

The three masterminds were severely punished on Wednesday. Captain Steve Smith and his runner-up David Warner will no longer be allowed to play for their country for the next twelve months. Batsman Cameron Bancroft, who has now been identified as the instigator of the fraud, had to leave the team in South Africa prematurely and fly back to Australia on the instructions of the association. It was also decided that Bancroft would never be allowed to act as captain. This could end his international cricket career.

The three players have since apologized. "I made a serious mistake and now I understand the consequences"said Smith tearfully at a press conference.

Cricket captain Smith tearfully apologizes after the manipulation scandal


Teammate Warner stated on social media: «Mistakes were made that damaged the sport of cricket. I apologize for my part and take responsibility. " Bancroft had already announced on Tuesday that he would regret the act for the rest of his life.

Australia's national coach announces his resignation


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