Is there a solution for startups

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for startups - tips for founders

The question of the hosting solution is one of the first to ask a startup founder. If the business model is based on the availability of a web application, everything must run smoothly in this area. However, the costs for tailor-made solutions are horrendous, so that startups usually cannot afford them. This is exactly why there is cloud computing for startups. Cloud computing promises to be THE solution for the affordability of the individual hosting solution. The special thing about it: the company only pays for the resources it actually uses. In addition, the power reserves are almost inexhaustible.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

In summary, cloud computing can be described as the provision of IT infrastructures. There are three different forms of cloud computing:

  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service: Scalable resources (CPU, RAM, network, storage)
  • PaaS Platform as aservice(Application development environments): In addition to the IaaS conditions, applications can be developed.
  • SaaS - software as a service (individual applications): There are no more applications running on your own desktop. Instead, the company uses the applications provided on the provider's server.

What advantages does IaaS offer for startups?

IT infrastructures should be available as quickly as possible for start-ups. With IaaS from LANSOL, the virtual resources are made available within a very short time. If they are no longer in use, they are deactivated. With IaaS for startups, you only pay for what you actually use. The cloud infrastructure replaces a system, which largely eliminates the administrative effort.

Scalability is a crucial aspect, especially for young companies. After all, it is very difficult to predict the growth of a company. LANSOL's IaaS for startups scales independently, so to speak, i.e. it grows with you as needed. Resources can be expanded in just one step. And should it be necessary to reduce costs, the performance requirements can be reduced just as easily. The young company always has an overview of the costs.

In addition, flexibility is playing an increasingly important role in today's working environment. This means that the data must also be mobile. IaaS meets these requirements, i.e. those who use cloud computing remain as flexible as possible. An overview of all the advantages that the IaaS has in store for startups can be found below in this article. First, however, we would like to take a closer look at how Infrastructure as a Service works.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Germany

Why operate your own network when you can rent the entire infrastructure cheaply - and only the resources that you actually use are billed?

  • Create a virtual server infrastructure with just a few clicks
  • CPU, RAM, storage etc. can be flexibly scaled at any time
  • Diverse security measures & German data center

How exactly does IaaS work for startups?

The user rents a kind of virtual data center. He has access to this via a cloud. In this way, hardware, SSD storage systems and various other typical components of a stationary data center are used. These components also include, for example, firewalls, network resources from the cloud, various systems for data backup and archiving as well as load balancers. Cloud computing eliminates the need to set up your own, extremely expensive data center infrastructure. Instead, this part is outsourced to LANSOL's state-of-the-art and secure data center.

All the advantages of Infrastructure as a Service

As already mentioned, IaaS or the network adapts to the business of the start-up, i.e. to the necessary resources. The scalability is completely flexible, i.e. there are no upper limits. From a simple server network to a complex web shop cloud including SQL and backup servers, IaaS offers startups a broad portfolio that also includes extensive terminal server structures including various database and application servers. And regardless of whether Windows or Linux - Infrastructure as a Service from LANSOL offers maximum availability. The fact that the certified data center is located in Germany also contributes to the highest level of security and data protection.

IaaS for startups - the advantages at a glance

  • Absolutely flexible and scalable: CPU, RAM, network, storage - everything can be adjusted at any time with just a few clicks.
  • Full cost control: The company only pays for the resources it actually uses.
  • High security standards: The LANSOL data center operated in Germany is DIN / ISO 27001 certified.
  • IaaS for everyone: Of course, not only startups, but also large companies benefit from Infrastructure as a Service.

tip: In order to convince yourself of the advantages of IaaS, it is worthwhile to test the service without obligation and free of charge. In this way you can find out what added value the cloud resources hold ready for your own company. LANSOL supports startups in the areas of hosting and IT infrastructure. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry using our contact form.