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Marvel's Spider-Man

Game description:
Spider-Man ensures law and order in the metropolis of New York, experiences action-packed battles and has to prove his skills in tricky puzzles. The players experience the well-known characters from the films and comics, wrapped in a completely new and independent story. Peter Parker has been protecting the city as Spider-Man for many years. In addition to his superhero life, he works as a scientist in the laboratory, where all kinds of physical and chemical tasks have to be solved. As Spider-Man, Peter not only fights against crime boss Wilson Fisk in this adventure, but also has to assert himself against a super villain alliance. The varied mix of different challenges not only delights die-hard Spider-Man fans.

Pedagogical assessment:
Above the roofs of New York
As Spider-Man, the players move mainly in a swinging manner through the large and detailed New York area. It is precisely this extraordinary movement that has its charm and enthused the play testers. They discovered various New York landmarks and, according to the motto, the higher the better, the view was enjoyed from the tallest buildings in the city. The quality of the game graphics and the detailed representation of New York are very impressive. Marvel’s Spider-Man Not only sworn Spider-Man fans made a lot of fun and created a gripping flow.

Fast-paced action and calm skill passages
In addition to many fast-paced action passages, which demand a quick reaction and good hand-eye coordination from the players, there are also some quieter passages that require logical thinking and skill. Due to the many side missions, puzzles and smaller challenges, there is a lot of variety in the adventure. The sometimes heavily armed opponents must be defeated by skillful fighting moves. In contrast to the opponents, Spider-Man has no weapons at his disposal. The many opponents must be overwhelmed by evasive maneuvers, the use of cobwebs and your own fist strength. For the puzzles in the laboratory or in the city mostly electrical circuits have to be established or unknown substances have to be identified. In addition, objects or smaller battles are hidden everywhere on the map, which can be discovered. All of these tasks help to learn new skills, to develop special powers and thus to become stronger and faster.

Violent representations
Even if the game is integrated into a fictional setting, realistically designed weapons, such as rifles, pistols or grenades, are shown with which the opponents fight Spider-Man. The bloodless depictions of violence are sometimes more and sometimes less concretely depicted and partly embedded in a gloomy atmosphere. As the game progresses, difficult topics such as suicide bombings or executions are illustrated. These are not explicitly shown, but could stand in contrast to the rest of the game for younger players. Due to three different difficulty settings, the players can decide for themselves whether they want to complete the game without fights, play a balanced mixture of action-packed fights and quiet passages or want to master as many challenging fights as possible.

Marvel’s Spider-Man convinced the game testers with a lot of fun and not only fans of the comic franchise wanted to complete one mission after the other. Due to the sometimes very fast-paced gameplay, the depictions of violence and the thematization of problematic aspects, the game tends to appeal to young people from the age of 14.

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