Bear bowlers in cricket guards

Cricket groin protection test - More information on protective clothing from the comparison

A jockstrap (Latinsuspendere 'Hang up'), too Groin guard, Testicular protection, Ball protection (casually too Bag holder or Egg cups), is a protective clothing, a corset for men, made of thick fabric or as a shell to protect the penis and testicles from blows, strain and injuries. A jockstrap is mainly worn by ballet dancers, horse riders, athletes (especially martial artists, goalkeepers), riot police and soldiers as part of their outfit. Athletes prefer to wear jockstraps over ordinary underwear. A variant of this, a Jockstrap (Jock for short) is an underwear made in the USA.

Historical cavaliers wore a prestigious suspensory stuffed with cotton wool in their trousers to make the genitals appear larger, nowadays prestigious suspensors are also used as lingerie or figure-hugging underwear (men’s shapewear) carried. The members of the gang of violence in the film A Clockwork Orange wore prestigious suspicions.

Ballet dancers wear jockstraps in addition to their protective function so that the body silhouette is not impaired by folds or constrictions of underwear and to give the genitals a uniform shape.

For x-ray examinations, a Gonadal protection-Suspension that X-rays do not reach the germ cells. As jockstrap used to be too Carrying bag denotes that should hold and support a hanging part of the body at a certain height, especially used for inflammation of the scrotum and testicles as well as the female breast.