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Translation of "die Kolbennadel" in German

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Progressive the, transfer the and single the are the most commun daily works for Construction Robert Bohnet.
A forming the according to claim 5, wherein said the stop means comprises the stop elements that extend from the the.
Progressive stamping the, compound the, single the, progressive the
But it was all strength-building and he never got to hold a racket. The, the, the, the.
B was dissatisfied, but did not dare to meet his teacher to address.
The product range shows innovative solutions for the casting processes like aluminum the casting, magnesium the casting or zinc the casting.
As people the, whole villages the as well.
With the people to die even whole villages.
The Form - Enables smooth, the formed output of the resulting lofted flange.
Around 25,000 human beings the every the of starvation or thirst.
Everyone Day about 25,000 people starve and die of thirst.
The assembly having improved insert retaining system and having reversible the inserts.
A thermally isolated monolithic semiconductor the and a process for producing such a the.
Arrival in The and tasting of the effervescent Clairette de The.
Arrival at The and tasting of the foaming Clairette de The.
If you must the, the serving something greater than yourself.
If you can be Life lets, then, around to serve a higher cause.
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