Who invented the blazer jacket?

Tweed jackets: these classics are worth investing in

Anyone who thought that tweed jackets were only for the cold season is wrong. The it-pieces are classy companions even in summer and give every look an extra dose of elegance. The fabric always looks high quality and not without reason: Originally it was made from pure new wool, today it is often mixed with other materials. However, the high percentage of wool is retained. Luxurious details such as gold buttons or decadent brooches are typical of tweed jackets. The it-piece inspires many fashion lovers and is worn in a wide variety of combinations. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when styling. With a few tricks you can integrate the traditional blazer into a modern look.💕

Tweed jackets: this is the story behind it

In the 1950s, Coco Chanel designed the "Little Black Jacket" tweed jacket. The designer used men's fashion as inspiration, more precisely the uniform of a bellboy. The box-shaped jacket is still very popular - a timeless piece of clothing that makes every woman appear elegant and graceful. Classically, tweed jackets do not have a collar, grosgrain ribbon trims and four pockets. Little has changed in terms of shape since the first draft, but the design has always been adapted a little to the times: for example, in the form of frayed hems. Karl Lagerfeld carried on the legacy of Chanel and invented numerous new versions. Every stylish fashionista should have at least one tweed jacket in their wardrobe. If you can't afford a model from Chanel, no problem! Have a look at our picture gallery. We have linked you to a few more affordable models for after-shopping

This is how we style the it pieces

Tweed jackets should preferably be combined in a style inconsistent so that the look looks modern and fresh.For example, you can wear light-colored cropped jeans, a bra top and trendy loafers with the classic. White tops look particularly beautiful under the tweed jacket, because this is how the it-piece really comes into its own. In summer you can wear dresses, skirts or shorts with the item, depending on your taste.When styling, make sure that jewelry and accessories match the buttons that may be attached to the jacket. Hair and make-up can also have a strong influence on the look. The item looks coolest with a casual hairstyle, for example with beach waves or a messy bun.

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