Which band sang the song Torn


Natalie Imbruglia sings in "Torn" about a woman who thought she had found the perfect man for life. But then she finds out that he was the wrong guy all along. And she had to go through it all to then painfully experience it. She is so upset that she becomes very cool and lies completely naked on the floor ashamed.

The SWR1 Pop & Poetry Translation:

The man for life! Or so I thought.
Full of warmth and devotion,
an impressive character.
But he showed me what crying means.

You can't possibly be the man I once adored.
You don't seem to know anymore
what your heart beats for
and you don't seem to care either.
No, I don't know that guy anymore.

Your place in my bed is empty.
Even your lies aren't still there.
There is nothing left to say between us.
The fact is: nothing is good
and i'm broken

I don't believe in anything anymore
and feel cold and ashamed
like lying naked on the floor
My dream never came true.
Now I'm wide awake and see that the sky
that seemed perfect, torn right through.
You're a tad late:
I'm already broken.

The fortune teller was probably right:
I could have seen what was going on right away
and not some divine light that penetrates me.
But it's always sausage: I'm just out of luck,
and I don't miss it that much.
There is so much that I cannot achieve
I'm exhausted...