Which smartphone has the best camera in 2019

The Best Cell Phone Camera 2019: The Big Comparison

Dennis Steimels, Simon Lohmann

Who has the best smartphone camera of 2019? Galaxy S10 +, Huawei P30 Pro or even the iPhone XS Max? The answer can be found in our large photo comparison.

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In 2019 we will again put the current top models from Huawei, Samsung and Apple to the test in our smartphone camera comparison test: What do the Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 + and iPhone XS Max have in terms of photography? To find out, we took recordings at Tegernsee and Munich and rate them in this video.

Meanwhile, smartphone cameras are so good that you can leave your expensive and large DSLR at home in many situations. In various categories, we tested which mobile phone offers the best camera currently available. The current top smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 + (test), Huawei P30 Pro (test) and Apple iPhone XS Max (test) competed. While our last camera comparison did not produce a clear winner, this year one smartphone stands out in particular - and by far!

Camera specs in a nutshell:

Huawei P30 Pro with quad camera:

  • View the Huawei P30 Pro at Media Markt

  • Super Spectrum main camera with new RGB sensor with 40 megapixels

  • Ultra wide angle with 20 megapixels

  • Telecamera with 8 megapixels and 3x optical zoom

  • Telezoom digital up to 50 times

  • ToF camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 + with triple camera:

AppleiPhone XS Max with dual camera:

Landscape shots: all three ideally suited

At first glance, all three photos look equally good. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the colors of the Huawei P30 Pro are a bit more intense. The mobile phone recognizes that you are photographing a subject with a blue sky and increases the color saturation, among other things. All three photos are sharp. Only when you zoom into the picture do we notice slight steps on the ropes of the P30 Pro and iPhone XS Max. The Galaxy S10 + does this much better. Overall, however, all three smartphones did a good job.

EnlargeLandscape photo in detail: P30 Pro shows edge steps

In a second landscape photo, we can see that the P30 Pro captures most of the details even in distant objects such as mountains. The background of the Galaxy S10 + is a bit spongy and the image of the iPhone XS Max is the most noisy.

If you are mainly out and about in nature with your smartphone and want to take beautiful landscape photos, then you are well advised with all three devices. Thanks to AI, photos of the P30 Pro and S10 + look a little stronger, but you can do that with a little post-processing without AI.

Food photos: No clear winner