What would you do to create homelessness

Homelessness can affect anyone. A stroke of fate, a serious illness, rent increase or divorce is enough. But what do you do if it comes to that? Many are at a loss at first and are completely overwhelmed by this completely unknown situation. At this point, Invisible e.V. would like to remedy the situation. The non-profit initiative, founded by Holger Brandenburg, offers Germany-wide telephone advice for those affected and their relatives - they can remain completely anonymous. The volunteers support those seeking help by giving them survival tips for the street or by explaining their legal situation, for example. But it is almost much more important: Invisible e.V. wants to show homeless people its appreciation and respect by giving the advisors time for their callers and not judging them.

The organization is based in Gevelsberg, in the Ruhr area. There, more precisely in the Ennepe-Ruhr district, Insichtbar e.V. also offers so-called active help in the form of personal conversations and the distribution of drinks and clothing. For this purpose they developed "TOM", short for Tasch-O-Mat: This is a roll-up bag that contains socks, a T-shirt, boxer shorts, hand cream and soap, which can also be used as pillows can. In order to produce more TOMs and expand the association, Invisible e.V. is of course dependent on new members and donations. If you want to support the project, please donate here.