Is Egyptian a language

Interesting facts about the Egyptian language

Egyptian Arabic - a dialect of New Arabic
The official language and language used in everyday life in Egypt is Arabic. The Egyptian Arabic, which you will learn about in this express course, is a stand-alone Arabic dialect spoken by around 75 million people as their mother tongue. The written language in Egypt is Standard Standard Arabic.
Arabic - a Semitic language
Arabic belongs to the Afro-Asian language family and is counted among the Semitic languages ​​in this family. These include standard Arabic and a large number of Arabic dialects (for example Saudi Arabian, Iraqi, Moroccan and - not least - Egyptian Arabic), Hebrew (in its modern form Iwrit), Aramaic and various Ethiopian languages.
The Arabic language is mainly spoken in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Egyptian Arabic is by far the most widely spoken dialect of the Arabic language.
An overview of Egyptian Arabic
  • Number of speakers: about 75 million
  • Dialect of Arabic
  • Semitic language
  • Special features: throat sounds in pronunciation, writing direction from right to left, vowels are not written, 2 genders of nouns (male & female), 3 cases (nominative, genitive, accusative)
  • Script: Arabic script; in the express course with additional paraphrase in Latin script
Egyptian basic course:
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• 1300 words
• Extensive grammar
Egyptian Express Course:
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Egyptian Dictionary:
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