Is PHPMyAdmin offline

Install WordPress locally with XAMPP

Under Database name we use the corresponding name of our MySQL database. In this case, we initially opted for “wordpress” (you may have to enter your own name here). The User name is always "root" by default with XAMPP, which we can and should change afterwards, just like the password. At the beginning there is none at all password and the Table prefix we have changed it from “wp_” to “xvz_” to make it a bit more difficult for hackers. The table prefix doesn't really change much, so you can leave it at “wp_”. The Database host is called "localhost" because we work locally on our own PC.

In the next window you have to give the "website" a title and define a username and password. Here you should look for a accordingly secure password because this will be taken over when you transfer the local "website" to a web server at some point. Of course, you can still change the password and username.

You should then be redirected to the login area of ​​your local WordPress installation, where you can now log in as normal with your username and password. In future you can easily find your local server at the following address "http: // localhost / wordpress / wp-admin /". For this, of course, XAMPP and the corresponding Apache and MySQL modules must be activated in the background. Lots of spam when designing!