To what extent is cultural geography divided

Research priorities

The staff of the Department of Cultural Geography are currently working on a number of independent and collaborative projects, which cross different areas of human geography as well as related disciplines.

Było, jest, będzie - it was, it is, it will be. The nexus between past, present and future wrapped up in one piece of art: Muzeum Współczesne / Museum of Contemporary Art in Wrocław, Poland

Accordingly, border crossings and border dynamics are at least subliminally considered in all our work, whether in relation to processes of change and translation of scientific discourse, migrant identities, processes of limitation and delimitation of nature and culture, racism, whiteness and the new rights, or regional and urban transformation processes under the sign of various sustainability strategies and their cultural-geographic embedding.

These occupations go hand in hand with broader interests in historical and current geographies of power relations - especially with regard to gender, intersectionality and governmentality - which are shared by all staff at the chair.

Research fields and projects

  • International Research Training Group "Cultures of Speculation" (Hannah, Hutta, Schemann)
    Cooperation with the University of California, Davis; Application in preparation

  • Attention and geographic practice
  • Washington DC in the field of tension between biopolitics and sovereignty

  • Affects and emotions
  • Power geographies
  • Citizenship and Transnationality

  • Cultural geographic aspects of sustainability and transformation problems
  • Vulnerability and resilience in the context of climate change
  • Resource Conflicts and Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Humanities & Multispecies Studies
  • Biopolitics (especially Foucault, Agamben, Esposito)
  • Graffiti & street art
  • Ruins & Urban Exploration

  • Witzel:
  • Queer Planning: Trans * Feminist Spatial Planning & Spatial Production (en)

Responsible for the editorial: Christoph Schemann