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How much do I earn after training as an actress?

Once you have completed your training, it is now time for you to get your first job. And because you haven't received a salary during your training, your starting salary as an actor is of course particularly interesting. Your salary as an actor depends largely on the path you have chosen. If you find a job at a publicly run theater, you are entitled to a gross monthly fee of at least 2000 euros according to the collective agreement. And there has also been a collective agreement for film and television production since 2014 that guarantees you at least 830 euros (from April 2020 850 euros) per day of shooting. Since you as an actor are always on the lookout for new roles and therefore change your place of residence more often, you should always make sure to save up a few reserves from the money you have earned.

However, there are also actors who can expect a significantly higher monthly salary. These are often leading actors from theater productions and movies. But you can also earn a steady income by working on a television series. In the industry, however, you not only need talent, but also a little bit of luck. If you have both, everything is open to the top of your salary as an actor.

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