Can recover deleted files from Dropbox

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data on Dropbox?

Dropbox is a popular app for online file storage, syncing and backup. After you've downloaded and installed the program, a Dropbox folder will be created on your computer. If you save videos, photos, documents, music, films or other data in the folder, these files will also be synchronized or a backup will be created on the Dropbox server. But if you accidentally deleted important data in the Dropbox folder, what should you do? Can you still get the lost data back? Here we are going to offer you 4 effective solutions on how to recover deleted Dropbox data.

Quick Solutions: Recover Deleted Data Without Software

Solution 1. Restore individual files or folders from the recycle bin

Dropbox will store the deleted data in the trash for 30 days (or one year if you have a Dropbox Business account or a Dropbox Pro account with Extended Version History). Because of this, you can try to recover the deleted data from the Recycle Bin. The restoration goes like this:

Step 1. Open this app and click the trash can icon in the top area;

Step 2. All deleted files and folders are listed. Choose the necessary ones and click "Recover";

Solution 2. Restore previous file versions

If you closed a file without saving and lost some of its content, you can try restoring the previous versions.

Step 1. Sign in to If you are using the desktop app, go straight to the third step.

Step 2. Click on "Files".

Step 3. Click the check box next to the file you want to restore. If you are using the desktop app, right click on the file. Choose "Version history".

Step 4. Please select a version to view that version.

Step 5. Select a version you want and click on "Restore".

Solution 3. Recover deleted files from Dropbox Cache

In case you have already tried the first 2 solutions and unfortunately such solutions cannot help you, you can try to recover deleted data from the Dropbox cache. Dropbox has a cache folder for backing up your saved files. After accidental deletion or moving, the folder can normally save the files for another 3 days. Within the time limit, the user can still recover the deleted files from the cache folder.

Step 1. Go to My Computer> Admit% HOMEPATH% \ Dropbox \ .dropbox.cache;

Step 2. Then you can access the application data folder;

Step 3. Select the files you need and then restore the files.

Advanced solution: restore permanently deleted data to Dropbox

Unfortunately, if you've been deleting the files for a long time, the quick solutions won't help. In this case, you need professional data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is recommended. The program will scan the local folder in which the Dropbox data is saved and find the lost data. This professional data recovery software can help you recover deleted files on Windows.

Step 1. Select the hard drive that your data was lost from, then click Scan. The software will scan the selected drive and find out all of your deleted data on the hard drive.

step 2. The program first lists all deleted files, after which the entire hard disk is scanned again to really find all recoverable files.

step 3. After the scan, you can preview all the data listed and select the one you want. Then click on "Restore".


It is advisable to save the recovered data in a different location so that nothing is overwritten in the original storage location and you can later retrieve other lost data from here.