What is the philosophy of fashion design

The creative and versatile training concept in the area of ​​fashion + design prepares you very comprehensively and professionally for the international fashion industry and for your successful career in the creative industry. Your individual development is always in the foreground.

International orientation and wide-ranging know-how

In order to be able to assert themselves successfully in the industry, budding young designers have to bring a variety of competencies and skills with them

For this reason, we train your individual, creative, artistic, conceptual, manual and technical skills and also provide you with the relevant business and marketing know-how for your successful career in the fashion business.

The versatile and exciting profession of fashion designer is considered to have a promising future. With the right training, diverse perspectives await you!

The national and international fashion and textile industry is in a constantly changing dynamic environment with changing conditions and is therefore constantly confronted with new challenges. The industry therefore lives from constant renewal and continuously offers qualified and committed young people numerous career opportunities and opportunities to contribute creatively. Creative ideas and manual skills are always in demand. We are convinced of that.

State-recognized fashion schools

As the 1st private fashion school in Baden-Württemberg, our fashion school received state recognition in 1989 for qualified professional training in fashion design. In 36 months in our Stuttgart and Mannheim talent factory for fashion designers, the completed vocational training to become a state-recognized fashion designer can become reality.

Practical relevance is of great importance in our fashion school. The aim is to prepare our students and young designers realistically and as successfully as possible for a career in the international fashion and textile industry. For this reason, our training is always based on the essential requirements of the national and international fashion industry and the changing competition.

We want to get you ready for entry into the creative industry!

Completed professional training as a state-recognized fashion designer

With us you will receive a completed professional training as a state-recognized fashion designer, who is highly valued in many areas of the clothing industry and recognized as extremely qualified. Our training concept is broad and yet highly specialized. For this reason, after your successful graduation, our fashion schools offer you a very wide range of professional fields and professional opportunities at home and abroad.

Fashion designer
Directrice in drafting and editing
Model maker
Buyer or substitute in textile retail
Product manager
Fashion manager
Trend scout
Specialist in fashion editors
Specialist in theater, musicals, film and television as a costume designer
Activities in the field of product design
Activities in the area of ​​accessory design
Activities in the field of advertising and communication
Activities in the field of visual merchandising
Costume designer
Graphic designer
Fashion draftsman
and much more

We cordially invite you to a personal information meeting in our Stuttgart and Mannheim fashion schools. We would be happy to send you our free information folder with lots of interesting information about our professional and state-recognized vocational training in fashion + design.

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