Are CA and CS levels the same

CS GO: Level up quickly - this is how it works

There are some tips and tricks in CS GO on how to level up faster. To do this, you first need to understand how the CS GO level system works. We'll show you how to do it to make the XP flow faster.

CS GO: You need to know that about your weapon

Many players come from other shooters and quickly realize that CS: GO is different. Here more than in most other shooters: "Knowledge is power".
  • COD players will be surprised at the first attempts, why the weapon hardly hits the center of the crosshair. Each weapon in CS: GO has its own individual spray, which, however, always remains the same. This is also the case in other shooters, but it is particularly pronounced in CS: GO.
  • What this means for you is that you should know your weapon and spray very well. The Map Recoil Master will help you with this. There you practice counteracting the spray exactly with your mouse movements.
  • There are also differences in how many points you get for a kill with this weapon.

Faster leveling: use the ranking system

Next, you should know exactly how the ranking system works. Since the combinations of bonuses and multipliers are quite complicated, there is a separate practical tip on this topic.
  • If you make the right use of the ranking system, you won't waste unnecessary game time in order to move up. For example, once you have earned around 11,000 XP in a week, your points will be extremely reduced.
  • There you can also see that each gametype has different multipliers. However, you need about 40 minutes for a competitive match, for example, whereas you only need about 10 minutes for a gungame.
  • So you can't say across the board that one game type brings the most points. Only with Competetive does the number of points also depend on experience, which as a beginner does not make a difference at first.
  • It is best to practice recoiling a weapon and play some deathmatch games with it. If you feel more confident, you can also take part in competitive games from level 3.
  • Demolition often offers you a happy medium. The match lasts a maximum of 20 short rounds and gives you double the number of points. If your team is good, you can easily swim with the waves and score many points.

CS GO: Where you can also get XP

CS: GO offers many other options with which you can easily get a lot of XP:
  • In the Deathmatch game mode, always pay attention to which item counts as a bonus weapon for the next 30 seconds. If you score points with this weapon in the specified time, you will get considerably more XP again.
  • If you're a gamer with a little more experience, you may be invited to the Overwatch program. Trustworthy players are allowed to evaluate video material from alleged cheaters and make recommendations. You will also get XP there if you rate cases correctly.
  • Every year there is also paid mission DLC for CS: GO. For every mission that you play, you will receive a relatively large amount of XP.

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