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TRUMAN - The specialist for armywear and outdoor

We at TRUMAN have been specializing in army wear, army clothing, leisurewear and everything that has to do with the military and armed forces since 1992. Our range also includes outdoor equipment and accessories for adventurous camping or survival training.

You will also find everyday fashion clothing with us that is based on military clothing in terms of functionality and appearance.
We are happy to advise you in our Bundeswehr and Army shops in Cologne and Düsseldorf!
In Cologne we offer you our entire range on around 400 square meters. We have a partial range in our store in Düsseldorf. All articles from Cologne can be ordered here without any problems. Our specialists are at your disposal in both shops at any time during our opening hours.

Bundeswehr, military, army and leisurewear

We carry original Bundeswehr clothing and accessories, new and used, as well as true-to-original military clothing and accessories, for example from the US Army. Perfect for adventurous trips through woods and meadows. But you can also find authentic carnival costumes, such as those of a pilot, sailor or soldier, in our Army Shops in Cologne and Düsseldorf, as well as online. The aviator overalls are very popular as a costume for a US Air Force pilot.
For real Bundeswehr fans, we have a wide range of Bundeswehr clothing such as the popular Bundeswehr moleskin pants by Leo Köhler, made of the particularly hard-wearing moleskin fabric, or the popular BW duffel bag in a used version. You can also find BW field jackets in camouflage or US Army Combat Uniform (ACU) field jackets in our Army Shop. We also don't miss out on fashionable clothing that is based on army clothing, such as jackets and pants from Brandit or Vintage Industries. They not only look casual, but are in no way inferior to their originals in terms of quality and functionality.

Authentic carnival costumes as a pilot, sailor, US police officer, soldier or drill instructor

Our army clothing for the German Armed Forces and the US Army is also ideal as an authentic carnival costume. Everything you choose from us for Carnival and Mardi Gras comes from our normal range. Therefore, our carnival outfits differ in quality and appearance from commercially available carnival costumes, which are usually made of thin polyester and have little to do with the appearance of the originals. A popular example of this is our aviator overalls, which are a faithful replica of the US aviator overalls and which we have had in our range since 2004.

In 2009 our salesman Björn had the idea to equip this overall with various accessories, as in the well-known film Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and to display it in the store in Cologne. Since then, the carnival costume jet pilot has become an indispensable part of carnival and Mardi Gras and we can claim to be the inventor of this popular carnival costume. The various accessories such as aviator glasses, patches, patches and badges, as well as an identification tag (also known as a dog tac or dog tag) make each pilot overalls individual and give it authenticity.

When selecting the patches and rank insignia, we also attach great importance to the fact that they are true to the original and of high quality. Thus, our aviator overall does not look like a carnival costume, Mardi Gras costume or Mardi Gras costume from the discounter, but is deceptively similar to the original.

You can find more costumes for carnival, such as the US Police Officer, the sailor or the US soldier in the Carnival & Costumes category.

High-quality armywear and leisurewear from well-known brands

In order to guarantee our customers quality, in addition to the original Bundeswehr clothing, we also offer high-quality brands that are also specialized manufacturers in the field of armywear and outdoor.
This includes brands such as Leo Köhler, the original manufacturer of the Bundeswehr. HAIX: Manufacturer of shoes and combat boots for soldiers, fire brigades, police and security companies. Brandit and Vintage Industries: Manufacturer of modern and functional leisure clothing in army style. Mil-TEC with their wide range of army and outdoor clothing and equipment. Walther (Umarex) and LED Lenser manufacturers of, for example, flashlights and head torches. MAGNUM Hi Tec. British manufacturer of boots and shoes for the police and security sector.

TRUMAN is your companion for clothing and equipment as well as boots for security services and police, emergency equipment, army and armed forces equipment, as well as for authentic carnival costumes for army fans.

Browse through our online shop. Or just drop by. We look forward to your visit in our shops in Cologne and Düsseldorf.