What is an Excel project

Project management with Excel

Project management has five phases: prepare, initiate, plan, control and complete. In each phase there are tasks that you will deal with 91 Excel templates from this manual chapter. All templates are implemented on the basis of Microsoft Excel without the use of macros. The templates are visually prepared so that you can keep an overview and present your results. Simple functions make your work easier.

Before a new project is approved, its strategic importance must be clarified. To what extent the new project is contributing to your company goals and strategies, you can check by weighting individual aspects. Put your result in one Project portfolio represent.

When the go-ahead for a project has been given, formulate it Project order. This includes problem description, proposed solution, framework conditions, powers of the project management, opportunities and risks, expected results, project team and costs. In a checklist you will find all the questions you have with your Kick-off meeting should clarify.

The will help you with project planning Work breakdown structure. In it, you explain the individual work packages with the delivery items, partial work packages and tasks for each project phase. In the Gantt chart for scheduling firmly. Also, use the templates to estimate the costs and create a Risk portfolio for your project.

Meetings are part of project management and appointments have to be agreed. Within your schedule, you need to reach milestones and you need to monitor the cost of your project. For this phase, use the Milestone trend analysis, the Eisenhower portfolio and the template for Cost controlling.

Prepare to close the project by recording and evaluating all the results of the project. Organize the Project acceptance and Product handover. With the templates to Interim balance and for yours Lessons learned gather your experience for new projects.